Thursday, January 21, 2010

Too Soon! Too Soon!

Yesterday Andrea and I were discussing the concept of Too Soon, because I mentioned that I had invited an ex out for lunch and he had declared it Too Soon. (Andrea said, "Too soon for lunch? Was it breakfast time?" which once again reminded me why she is my BestFriend (originally typed that as BestFried, which she is not, although I'm sure she'd be very nice fried - Andrea, if we were in a plane crash and you were dead I would eat you to stay alive, I hope that is OK and does not make our friendship Go Weird. If it was I who was neatly flambeed in the fuselage (I don't really know if that would work but I like the word fuselage) I would expect you to eat me as well.))

Anyway, we were talking about how it is an odd concept, the concept of Too Soon. I felt kind of shitty for not realising it was Too Soon, which is silly because it's not like I made a joke about Haiti (ouch, too soon).

Who gets to decide when Too Soon is over? (It should be the dumpee, I think.) However, worry no more, people. I made you some guidelines:

ps I have done my good deed of the day - I saw a guy walking along holding a large tray of eggs and I did not trip him, even though it was tempting. I am also tempted to make voodoo dolls of my colleagues - we're busy, and they are all really stressed and shitty and annoyed that I am not stressed or shitty, even though we all have the same workload. Sometimes it is like working with kindy kids. They get tired. They get busy. They get hungry. And then they shout. Sigh. Everyone needs a juice box and a nap.


Joff said...

I'd like a juice box and a nap right now...

a cat of impossible colour said...

I don't mind if you eat me! I would eat you. Ideally, though, we'd be in a plane crash with someone we hated who was immensely fat (I mention no names) and could sustain us for a longer period.

WV = Savolloy! This makes me happy.

Mr London Street said...

Would it be too soon to make jokes about Haiti if you were dumped by somebody shortly before they went there on holiday shortly before the quake?

Esmerelda said...

I am printing this out for future reference.

When can you point out that dead celebrity was actually NOT a nice person and did lots of Very Bad Things?

otherworldlyone said...

Well that clears up things. I never really thought about Too Soon. Now, Too Far is something I know more about.

Kerri Anne said...

I'm totally a fan of your Too Soon guidelines, though I think the official time-line for making a joke about dead celebrities on The Internets is "About thirty minutes, and bonus points if you can somehow reference Michael Jackson in your tweet."

IT IS ALLY said...

Joff - same.

Andrea - yes! We should make sure to always travel with a fat person.

MLS - Depends? Are they dead? Or a celebrity?

Esmerelda - tricky one. If it is MJ then about now is ok. If it was Lady Di, still too soon.

ow1 - next up, graph of Too Far!