Thursday, February 04, 2010


*not as in "News flash: I have broken a wiener" (although that did happen once, it was an accident and even though I was very apologetic it did lead to people calling me Crocodile Flange for a while), but as in "Wiener-related news flash"

In a burst of ill-advised activity John Mayer, King of the Wieners, has announced NZ tour dates!


Who thinks I should go and heckle?

"Your body is a wonderl-"
And then I get ejected from the venue but it is totally worth it.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I think we should both go. OH HOW WE WILL ROAR.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Word verification was obfugst, which was not as good as the earlier ones. Now it is blerwore.

Holly said...

LOL oh dear. This will not end well.

*uncorked said...

Oh God, please do. I see a vlog in your future.

Jackie said...

Oh, so that's who John Meyer is. I had surmised by this point he was a singer or something like that.

Get better soon!

Christine said...

Well he would certainly deserve it.

Speaking of wieners, I have a nomination for the next round up: Die Antwoord. They are a band (not brass) from South Africa which my darling boyfriend recently discovered. He finds their music "catchy". I find it... wiener-ish.
They have a website, but it is NSFW and also NSF ears/eyes as it blares their vocal stylings right away and it features a slideshow of them at the beach. In their underwear.


HG said...

At first, while reading your past "Wiener of the week" posts, I kept wondering, where is all this John Mayer material coming from? I cant stand the guy either, but is he really THAT bad? .......then this month's copy of Rolling Stone came, and there was his interview. You were right, he is a total ass clown. I now believe that someone should douse that bastard with cat piss.... And YES, you should totally go. And I think your readers could fund your tickets. I would SO chip in on that!

Michelle said...

If you didn't turn up and heckle Mr Meyer, *you* would definately be the wiener. DO IT.

That is all.

(wv is 'supendis' - its like a drunk 'stupendous'! ha!)

Posie Patchwork said...

He's too breathy & i don't get the hype about him, he's not attractive. Have you seen the Wiener cards at Typo, bloody hilarious!! Love Posie

otherworldlyone said...

You have to do it.

Baglady said...

If you want some money towards the ticket let me know. I think a little PayPal donation widget would be the shiznitz.

(have just seen a snoop dogg video. Forgive me).

wv = bampalin. What Barack secretly wanted to do. Naughty boy.

IT IS ALLY said...

Andrea - we should totally go. It will be so blerwore.

Holly - oh, ye of little faith!

Christine - Wow. You are right, they are wieners.

Baglady - hahahaha bampalin!

I will look into it, everybody.

Joff said...

My body is a wonderland, dontcha know?