Thursday, February 04, 2010

Still sick!*

*If anything, slightly worse, so this is not going to be a very interesting post.

Back at work though because this morning I woke up in a panic because I remembered that my inbox was full of stuff for today & tomorrow's paper. I just got here and it bloody well isn't. I could have stayed home! What a wiener. We are having a morning tea though so I guess I'm glad I came in.

I hate being sick. I am crap at being sick. I am not one of those people who lies about looking wan and says things like, "Oh, Thomas, I fear the gangrene has reached my lungs - but you mustn't tell Mother, because then I won't be able to teach the orphans."

When I'm sick I spend a good couple of days pretending that I am not sick, until I reach the point where the thought of a cigarette makes me feel disgustingly ill - that is how I can tell I am Proper Sick and not just sniffly (when I am just sniffly I assume that having a cigarette will smoke out the germs (I knew a girl at uni who switched to menthols when she was sick, because everyone knows menthol is good for a cold.)) Once I am Proper Sick I become a grumpy, over-medicated ball of snot and fury, especially when my colleagues say things like, "Wow! You look like shit," and "You look disgusting, your eyes are all glassy." Do you think this is going to make me feel better, colleagues? No! It is going to make me wait until you go on a break, then come over and sneeze all over your desk.

Do you know what else is odd? I got an email from one of the guys from brass band last night detailing the band's 5-year plan. The band has a five year plan? I don't have a five year plan. (Actually I sort of do, it has been the same since forever. It goes like this: Get Rich & Don't Die, not to be confused with Fiddy's five-year plan. So far the second part has been highly successful. First part, not so much.)

OK on to the business of the day! I was over at Christine's blog and she mentioned Candy Cane Lane tea and I went nuts. It is tea with peppermint and cinnamon and vanilla and it is meant to taste like candy canes and it sounds like the best thing ever (in tealand) but you are not allowed to order it unless you are in the US or Canada or, according to one site, 'US Outposts' which I don't think NZ is. If anyone would be able to order some from their US/Canadian residence and then post it to me that would be awesome. I'll reimburse you and everything. I'll probably post a photo of me drinking the tea or something. Maybe even a video. Flick me an email if you can help.


a cat of impossible colour said...

My life plan is clear up until the end of the week, and then it is darkness and dragons.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I forgot to mention my awesome word verification on the last comment, which was 'flogem', but when I came back to type this one I had an EVEN BETTER word verification - 'whingu!'


Holly said...

Oh no. Two days of sick is even less fun than one day. :(

As for the tea, I looked on Amazon and this looks like it might be the same. Maybe you could get it from there. :)

sleep500 said...

OK, when we were in Germany we had this godawful fucking 'peppermint' schnapps shit that tasted exactly like horrid candy canes.

Fucking gross I'll never eat a candy cane again.

Vanilla said...

Im surprised no one has setup a network of traders to get around country restrictions.

I really wanted a canadian hockey shirt a couple of years ago and took me ages to find a willing accomplice.

An international trademe of favours thats what is required here I think.

Ashley Louise said...

I have ten bags of said tea in my tea cabinet. It is heavier on the vanilla than the peppermint, but stuff is damn good for a cold. It kind of makes you feel like things are so good that you will only poop kittens from now on. I'll post it if you want?

chris.dadness said...

Tea sounds vile. You are sick.

Christine said...

Well since I caused the itch, allow me to scratch it!
(Sounding much dirtier than intended...)

Let me know where you'd like it sent and I will gladly share my addiction.

christine.bluemoon at gmail dot com

Hopefully the grocery store has not put away all their Christmas-related things yet.

I am a little worried that I've built it up too much. Maybe I should also include candy canes for stirring. It will be Christmas in February!

(word verification = asioutt)

Tooting Squared said...

I don't have anything particularly astute to comment today (do I ever?!) but the VW is eyeater and I can't let that go unrecognised.

Do you think an eyeater is like an anteater but with more macabre tastes? Or is it like a vampire with a taste for eyeballs instead of blood? Or is it just an insult? "he's a first rate eyeater"? I shall spend the rest of my day working it into conversation ...

IT IS ALLY said...

Andrea - your life plan reaches the end of the week? You are doing better than me. They whingu! Flogem!

Holly - is OK now, am all better! Thanks for tip, I tend to forget about amazon

Zach - Noted. I will avoid

Vanilla - yes! we should start an international trading site and become internet millionaires. Let's do that.

chris - tea sounds amazing! You lack taste.

Tooting - Andrea and I were talking about WVs yesterday - we are going to write a fantasy novel using them ALL. Eyeater could be an obscure monster?

IT IS ALLY said...

Christine and Ashley Louise - thank you both so much!

Ashley Louise, if you could post it that would be wonderful, my address is 66 Proctor St, Papanui, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand. Let me know if you'd like me to cover postage costs, am more than happy to do so.

Christine - hardly seems fair to send you out on a mission if AL has some in stock :) but feel free to post anyway if the urge overcomes you!

You guys are awesome.