Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Housekeeping: Turns out that my laptop has issues and is going to be away at the laptop repair place for 3 to 5 WEEKS so blogging may be slightly more intermittent than usual. Wieners of the Week is still on tomorrow, though - this has changed to Fridays (my Friday, not your odd international Friday) after I had a week of not getting it done by Tuesday.

Just spoke to a guy who, when it came time to say goodbye, began singing with Andrea Bocelli- no, but that would've been a better story than what actually happened, which was that he said, "Hoo-roo!" ??? HOO-ROOOO! TIIIIME TOOO SAY HOOROOOOOO.

Before that a funeral director called: "Yeah...that notice from yesterday, where it's got Sarah, Marie, Michael, deceased...take out deceased, wouldja?" I'm not having a great day, but at least I didn't announce anyone was dead. Yet.

There have been moments where I've been tempted to abuse my power and print something that shouldn't really be printed:

but so far it hasn't happened.

Other people do, though - members of the public. Which is why we have to confirm births with the mother and deaths with the funeral director (when a baby died on Shortland Street, about 4 people tried to put in death notices. What is wrong with people?) But all is not lost! For all those who have always wanted to see their name in print, please be aware that in order to run an engagement notices we only need the signature of one of the people getting engaged.

Also! I was never really into lolcats but I started fucking about while I was making that faux JM ad and now I kind of want to print this:


Joff said...

Wow, some people really get into TV a little bit too much it seems.

Also, weiners, anyone who would wear one of these

Holly said...

HAHAH I totally think you should print the weiner notice. Then, when someone comes after you...deny, deny, deny. Was not you. Was kitteh.