Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At the airport. The internet is free but the coffee was gross.

We got there two hours early because I am punctual and didn’t read the bit of the ticket that said I had to be there 60 minutes beforehand (wait is that two hours? No.) It is now 5.10am (did I tell you guys about my idea for a combined talking clock/boarding call/sex line? “The time is 5.10am, flight DJ259 is now boarding through gate 21, and I take your enormous, throbbing member...” I actually have a pretty good flight announcing voice, can someone remind me to get rich on this sometime?)

Kate has just announced that there are “heaps of things to buy in the toilet” and we haven’t even left the country yet. (Or maybe we have. Do you leave when you go through Customs? We have totally done that.) Kate also asked if they have different TV channels in Australia. She doesn’t get out much.

In other exciting airport-related news, we have Orthodox Jews on our flight!* (Maybe I don’t get out much either.) One of them is listening to an iPod. How unorthodox. Boom boom. I guess there are worse religious groups to fly with.

The OJs seem to have brought spare hats. I admire their preparation. And I kind of want another coffee but the first one was so yuck.

*no I'm not blogging on the plane, we are all in the same departure lounge.

Woah time for boarding! Board board board board board

ps I wasn't going to bring my laptop but now I'm glad I did. I am returning to the original diary-in-my-computer form of blogging. Fuck I am legit.


otherworldlyone said...

Why is it always "throbbing member"? Surely there is a better way to say that...a more modern way? Meh. You're the expert, right? :)

Orthodox Jews...are those the ones with long beards and tall hats? Or is that the Amish? I don't get out much either.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Did they have those little ringlets attached to their hats? The ultimate hat hair. Har har.

Holly said...

Have a great trip! :)

Panya said...

And which "worse religious groups" would those be?

IT IS ALLY said...

ow1 - yeah, I know. It's hard to think of synonyms that early in the morning :( How about 'proud pork sword' ?

Panya - The Amish. They are not good fliers.