Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Why do people call Melbourne the Fashion Capital? I have come to the conclusion that the rest of Australia must wear sacks. I like it here though, it is interesting and friendly and there is a cafe every 75 metres (we are in one). Have taken many bad photos which I shall share with you later - Kate is sitting opposite me glaring and looking restless which means we have to go back to the hotel and then to the train station and then...


Perhaps the animals will be super fash.


Joff said...
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green ink said...

I am jell-us!

Stay away from those killer pelicans at the zoo! :P

And have a coffee at Cafe Verve on Little Collins Street. It's really out of the way - it's a fashion boutique with a cafe in it, really cool.

And go to Shanghai Dumpling House. MUST.

otherworldlyone said...

Can't wait for the pictures.

Ah, the zoo. Since we live so close to one it's not really a novelty. Even though I'm sure our zoo is nothing compared to certain others - if you've seen one monkey you've seen um all.

Helga! said...

visit the otters,visit the otters!!Little sweet things,just like cats,but in WATER!!

IT IS ALLY said...

green ink - Sadly I read this after all our dinners were done - we went to Orchid Gardens (I think) and the Spaghetti Tree. I miss those places. And pelicans are weird.

ow1 - ZOO ZOO ZOO. I used to live right by a zoo - do you get woken by the 5am Gibbon Chorus? but this zoo had things like bears.

Helga! - we did! Only the one otter. But he was so cute. He was otterly delightful.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Helga - that's how I feel about otters too! Water cats!