Friday, April 02, 2010


*I would like this song more if the lyric was, "Wild dogs... wild dogs will tear us apart."

Hi everyone! (I don't know why I sometimes open with that, it makes it feel like I'm hosting a kids' show.) First of all, I've been slack on replying to comments recently - please don't be offended, comments make my day (not kidding) and I will get round to replying to them all.

I went round the house with my camera and found some other stuff that I love, or that is at least mildly interesting:

This teapot is shaped like an elephant (I said 'mildly interesting,' not 'completely fascinating') and belongs to my mother. It is also filthy, and I should've dusted it before I took the photo because it looks like the elephant has some kind of nasty skin disease. Upon the occasion of my mother's death, I come into ownership of the teapot - hint hint, mother. Hint hint.

Speaking of teapots, some of you may remember me whinging on about Celestial Seasonings' Candycane Lane tea - the lovely Ashley Louise sent me some in the actual mail! And there it is. Sitting on the jug. It doesn't always sit there. Sometimes it sits in my stomach.

These sit in my stomach too. Fuck they are delicious.

As you can see here, I have a ring in the shape of a leopard head (or possibly the head of some other big cat, I'm not really sure). That photo is the last thing you see before descending into tranquil oblivion.

Can't remember why I wanted to feature this. I guess everyone loves good dental hygiene?

These are completely impractical sunglass things which I have never worn anywhere.

I have never worn this anywhere either - it is real fur (yeah yeah, furder furder furder) and I like it but it looks ridiculous and I never go anywhere where a fur coat would fit the dress code. (In case you're wondering, it was a present from an ex, which I think makes me hit the skank scale somewhere between 'footballer's wife' and 'whore' - maybe around the 'Tiger Woods' Mistress' mark?) Every so often I think, "I should really sell this, I never need to look like Snoop" but then I think, how often do you come into possession of one of these? Also, what if one day I want to be a pimp?

But I guess pimpin' runs in the family because this is my grandfather's smoking jacket, which is what they said before pimping was an acceptable word for the dinner table. It is my smoking jacket now. And it is awesome.

This is a picture, taken by my mother, of a Moroccan baby. I'm not sure why I like it so much but I think maybe it's because the baby has a mohawk.

We have a giant stone turtle in our garden. You can see it on Google Earth.


Mrs. L said...

For one fleeting moment the leopard looked like it was resting on someone's buttcrack. Which was next to somebody else's buttcrack.

The elephant teapot looks like it's about the size of a house.

Maybe if I get my glasses.

IT IS ALLY said...

That is why the elephant teapot is good. There is enough tea for everyone, even if you invite your whole street.

Maybe in my next photo post I will put the leopard on my buttcrack! And get someone else to assist with their buttcrack! And then we will have made your suggestion, but the leopard will need to be larger.

Cathi said...

I have the leopard ring.
Sadly mine is over worn and now rusting.
I am very jealous of the pristine condition of your leopard ring.

otherworldlyone said...

I'm jealous of your smoking jacket.

But I'm looks like the top of that turtle's shell lifts up. Is that where you keep your weed?

Surprisingly Bright said...

There are at least 3 things on here that I am jealous of, not including the giant stone turtle, but all are mildly interesting.

Anonymous said...

you could keep the fur coat for your next "pimps and hoes" party. Those are always fun!! I really enjoyed your turtle as well, my auntie in Califorina has a real one that scared the bejesus out of me when I first went there. It is about 60 years old and MASSIVE.

Ashley Louise said...

Aw shucks! here's my link. Self promotion is my thing. Also the teapot is effing cool. I totally want one.

Posie Patchwork said...

First of all, Lady Ga Ga wants her sunglasses back. Haven't read any other comments, hope that was original!!
Second, that jacket is a bit 80s in the sleeves, you couldn't wear it without fear of red paint coming your way, sell it on eBay & buy yourself an updated fur free. I have a couple of vintage real fur jackets which my children approved as "those rabbits died for someone in France in the 60s, their death is not on your hands" - yes my children really do speak to me like that, they are in primary school!!
Finally, talking about Googgle Earth, my eldest showed my father their house via satellite today. OMG, they WOULD have to take the shot when my parents were bleeching chopping boards in the pool. We have the only pool on the north shore with icebergs in it!! God, so friggen hilarious!!
Happy Easter - on that note, my youngest is in year 1 & told me Easter was "when God crawled out from under a rock to go on an Easter Egg hunt". See what children from unreligious homes end up getting confused with?? Love Posie

Baglady said...

Mr Manbag is addicted to Celestial Seasoning's Bengal Spice tea. He has a cup of it every night. Well, when he's not been drinking.

I thought the leopard looks a bit like a transformer, akshully.

Christine said...

Those sunglasses totally need a super awesome halloween costume built around them. Possibly involving the smoking jacket.

Tooting Squared said...

Wow! Look at your leopard ring.
Are you secretly a Thundercat?