Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Stay off the roads.

I passed my driving test! I have no idea why. Everyone is surprised but no-one is quite as surprised as me. Must've been all the practice I did in those ten days. For those of you who are inclined to be skeptical, there were no sexual favours involved. I know. I don't know why I passed either. It must be because I am awesome.

Either that or there is something wrong with the NZ testing system.

Thank you all for your advice - in the end the only manoeuvre I needed to do was a 3-point-turn, and it ended up being a 5-pointer (and was at one stage in danger of becoming a 7-pointer) but apparently those are ok too? Who cares, I'm going to the pub.


Sarah said...

Congratulations! Now come to Wellington.

Spenthro - originally looked like 'spentho' - a ho once finished with.

Darnielle said...

I forgot to check my blind spot when I did my 3-point turn, and I still passed.

It's just too bad for all the children on bikes I will eventually hit.

chris.dadness said...

I am slapping my flipperz and also honking a series of hornz. Well done Ally, and stay indoors, New Zealand.

Holly said...

Yay! Congratulations! :D

Btw, that wine I saw you with at the mall...that totally wasn't really for a client, was it...!?

IT IS ALLY said...

Sarah - Baby steps, man, baby steps. Also I can't drive to Wgtn there is a STRAIT

Darnielle - I cut two corners turning right and forgot to indicate out of a roundabout and probably checked my blind spot... once? sheesh. Fuck kids on bikes

chris - yay! Honk away, amigo.

Holly - It bloody was! I went back later and bought a bottle for myself though.

Baglady said...


I am sure that your driving skillz are magnificent and that you're doing yourself down. Either that or I am really glad that I am in the UK...

wv - meatens. Well, well, well. A wv that is incredibly similar to a real word! This is what adding overcooked kebabs to a pizza slice does. It makes it more meaty - it meatens it.

Actually I might start using that.

Josh said...

Wow - congrats! I have to say I fall into the surprised category but well done! Did you do a little dance afterwards?

Vanilla said...

I demand a recount and my money back. I spent hundreds of dollars on driving lessons, practiced countless hours and sweated buckets to get my license at 17 and you do it in 9 days.

I reckon its the AA, the traffic cop that did my test said I passed with flying colours then spent 30 minutes explaining to me how I couldnt afford to get cocky now and would be around my house in a couple of weeks to check my car for dings.

but well done on a tenacious effort, look foreward to reading your next post form within my bunker, half the country and a large body of water is still too close.

ps. Good on ya.

Tooting Squared said...


I'm a fan of the seven point turn. And the bump bump bump bump park technique.

Christina said...

Woot! Go you :) Enjoy the new job and skilz and freedom and things.

nosesser - wine that cannot be used in a drinking session, for example, wine that is for a client.

IT IS ALLY said...

Baglady and Christina - I think those are two of the best word verifications that I have ever seen.

otherworldlyone said...

Congrats, be careful, and be sure to tell us if you run over anything interesting.