Monday, May 10, 2010


Long Monday. It started with an 8.30 meeting - I find PowerPoint amazingly hypnotic and almost fell asleep several times. Then I went back to the office and called some clients, none of whom were in. Then I went out in a work car I haven't driven before and stalled in the middle of an intersection. Not one of my more glorious days.

But and then I came home and Charlie (big dog) was barking with enormous ferocity, which is usually reserved for a) intruders*, b) cars, c) 'doorbell' and 'lift' noises on TV, and d) family members leaving the house - every time someone leaves for work or band or just to go down the pub Charlie suddenly remembers he's a SHEEPDOG and OH GOD KEEP THE FLOCK TOGETHER BARK BARK BARK BARK!

*Charlie thinks most people are intruders. Some days it is hard not to agree

Anyway, when I got home he was backed up in the doorway releasing a huge volley of panicked barks at some unseen threat. I thought maybe we had a burglar but it turned out to be a sausage! It had been under the grill, become hot, gone 'Pheeeeeeeee' and then BURST and alarmed him. I took it out to show him but he didn't want to know, so I waited until the sausage cooled and then cut it in half and I ate half and he ate half, and we both felt better.

I felt better because even though my day was boring and disheartening at least I didn't get scared and shout at food. Charlie felt better because he got to eat the sausage. And maybe tomorrow something blogworthy will happen but if not BRACE YOURSELF FOR MORE OF THIS BARK BARK BARK BARK!


Love in the Dumps said...

I don't get it - it's Monday and your day is already over? Are you in Japan or something??

otherworldlyone said...

Sheepdogs. Sigh. My grandmother has one that's like 19 years old, deaf, and almost completely blind. Yet she still barks at everything and nothing. She's also a crotch sniffer, but that's another issue entirely.

Veronica said...

I love animals... no matter how bad the day goes... they make it better.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Love in the Dumps - the concept of the International Date Line is just a collection of meaningless syllables to you, isn't it?

Also, Ally is CLEARLY in Space.