Saturday, June 26, 2010


So I was mucking about on Google the other day, asking the Internet important questions like 'is jared leto a douchebag' (you know, he kind of seems like he could be) and 'quarts = litres what?' (did you know you make 1-2 litres of urine per day? converted from quarts) and 'what happens to dead fish bodies in nature' (because logically the sea should be covered in floating fish bodies) and somewhere along the way I typed in "is n" and Google flipped me the bird. Look.

No! No it isn't! What the hell.

So then I thought OK, Google, let's see what else you got. And so I typed in "are n" and sure enough...

What? No! Why do people think this? Are people somehow confusing NZ and, I don't know, space? (I was going to put the name of another country there but I guess that would've proved Google's point.)

And I wondered if NZers aren't racist, what are we? So I asked Google.


In conclusion:


Nigel said...

By the way, having once met Mr. Jared Leto, I can say with a high level of firsthand certainty:


You're welcome.

cerebral e said...

I tried this in Google Australia.

"Is a"...leads to the second option "Is Australia racist."

"Is n"...leads to the second option "Is Neil Patrick Harris gay."

"New Zealanders"...leads to "New Zealanders in Australia", "New Zealanders working in Australia", "New Zealanders applying for Australian visas", etc. Clearly, everyone in New Zealand is trying to move to Australia to be with their racist counterparts.

slommler said...

This I have not tried!! Ha!

Holly said...

LOL! Awesome. People are weird.

Juicebox said...

I'm just about pis- uh, having LBL at this one. Great post!

Jade Carver said...

Ugh, don't get me started on global ignorance about Aussies and Kiwis. It pisses me off! Especially to do with our art. I mean, Australian opinion of our OWN art has been shit for my entire life. It's only recently that we've been taking an interest - a positive one - in our own talent. This is why I support local at all opportunities, and take the time to educate people *coughAmericanscough* at any opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Google Canada here!

I got: Is Canada a democracy? (!!!!) followed by: Is Canada in North America?

Then I got: Are Canadians afraid of the dark? (Yes, yes we are)

Then: Canadians are ass holes


Em said...

This is why the internet is essential for our childrens learning. Any questions - just ask google.

a cat of impossible colour said...


Ella said...

stupid google.
I swear it only comes up with the ridiculous searches when my mom or my boss are in the room with me when I do a search for them.

awesome right?

otherworldlyone said...

He does indeed look like a douchebag. Good call.

Let me try my state! Ohh!

- is South Carolina a community property state
- are Southerners stupid

That's about it. Man. My state is boring.