Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Day

Today I sold another half page ad into my Lyttelton feature! High five. I also washed my trumpet (in the shower, 'cause it was really cold that's how the professionals do it) and the main lesson about that is that if you're the sort of person - and I'm not saying that I am - who pees in the shower, then don't put your trumpet on the shower floor. Apart from anything else, it's not good for the lacquer.

Mum has gone to Laos for 7 weeks so Kate and I are fending for ourselves! Kate cooked dinner tonight: it was a pie, spinach, roast parsnip, and roast baby corn. (What? Doesn't everyone roast their baby corn?) With Mum gone, I am also in charge of feeding Charlie - I am going to make a little hat that says "Feed Me" for him to wear overnight, so that I don't forget in the morning. I am such a good pet owner. I got an email from Mum this morning telling me that if there is ice in Charlie's bowl he prefers you to knock it out rather than just add more water on top of it, presumably because he is worried about his tongue getting stuck. But I couldn't knock the ice out so I refilled it instead and then I stood around for ages making sure he didn't get his tongue stuck to the ice and then I told my boss I missed my bus because "I was making sure my dog didn't get his tongue stuck to his water bowl" is a crap reason to be late to work.

Today at work* I explained blogging to one of my colleagues - she is 50 and doesn't have the internet. Turns out that the more you try to explain blogging the more ridiculous it sounds. It was traumatic.
"It's, um... like having a diary, but on the internet, and anyone who wants to can read it."
"Why would you want to do that?"
"Well, it's nice because there's a whole community of people with their own sites and they write comments on yours and you can read theirs and-"
"But do you actually know them?"
"Well, no, but-"
"Then isn't it weird tha-"
"OK FINE blogging is basically just turning to face the world and shouting 'Look at me!'"

Also today I yelled TURD at a fellow motorist. It's been a busy day.

And now I should stop rambling because I have a performance review tomorrow and I have all this paperwork to fill out ("Review the activity of your key clients over the last 12 months") and I'm already kind of drunk. Whoops.

*today at the clothes shop we were at because the office got depressing


apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

your facebook activity has picked up again who are you stalking now?

why don't you have a secong bowl and just swap it in the morning or poor hot water on it????

gosh how do you survive without me?

slommler said...

You are so is hard to explain blogging. I was talking about my blog to my DIL and she just looked at me!! You know, with that..WTH are you talking about stare??!! I gave up trying to share and changed the subject.

uglygirl said...

My mother sold my trumpet for $50 when I was in high school. I still haven't forgiven her.

otherworldlyone said...

I dread explaining blogging. Their reaction is usually amusement, shock, or horror. Ugh.

7 weeks on your own! What will you do?! I've got this whole week to myself and I realized last night that I've almost forgotten how to be completely alone. It's strange. Of course, you have Kate...but still.

chris.dadness said...

Remember that thing "Sunscreen" full of down home advice? I think you have found the missing verse.

"If you're washing your trumpet in the shower, don't put in on the floor in case you wee on it."

You should run a Life Skills course for Troubled Youth. Except for your muntedness about ice in the dog bowl.

Juli Ryan said...

Great explanation of blogging. Performance review? *shudder*