Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have returned from Dunedin! The band came sixth out of I think nine, which we were happy with as the aim was to play well and not be in the bottom two; we didn't go to nationals last year because there weren't enough people in the band or something, so this was a bit of a triumphant return. (I am writing the underdog movie as we speak. It will star the triangle player! He managed to hit the triangle on the day. His section leader said, "People take the piss out of it, but playing the triangle is actually really hard." Pause. "Well. Not really hard.")

I'm pretty tired and a bit sick now - have hideous cough which sounds like a dog barfing - mainly because of a week of living on packet noodles and drinking to excess and not getting enough sleep - Wednesday night I got in at 1.30, Thursday was about 2, Friday was 9.30 which would have been good if it was the evening kind of 9.30 not the next morning kind, and Saturday was a quarter past womblecoughCOUGH. Sheesh. Bandcest was rife. (Bandcest, for those of you not in the know, is band incest - hooking up with other people in band. Like marrying your cousin, it is technically legal but still generally not something approved of by polite society.)

I know the bandcest it is the part everyone wants to know about but it's sensitive information so let's just say that a good time was had by all and now, in non-bandwang-related* news, picture time: Dunedin labels its buildings!

This is where you buy your drugs...

...and this is where you go for a cuppa.

The street march was CANCELLED because it was too rainy but because I am a dedicated blogger I put the uniform on anyway and got my roommate to take a photo:

There is also a hat but I'd just done my hair.

Something went weird and I couldn't crop that photo, so you can see our messy room. You can't tell from the photo, but it didn't always smell great either because roommate - who was awesome to room with apart from this one thing - brought half a suitcase full of wet washing. Luckily there was a can of Clean Linen air freshener - we gave it a blast and shouted "Clean Linen!" every time we came back into the room. It kind of worked.

This is the stage uniform, which is the one Kate thinks makes me look boy-soldierly -

Not pictured: glass of pre-performance rum, musket.

I had fun! It's nice to be back. Normal blogging service will now resume.

*Tee hee, bandwang. Sounds kind of like bandwagon. Either way, stop jumping on them.


slommler said...

You look terrific in your uniforms but a little bleary-eyed. Ha!
Does sound like everyone had fun. Hope you feel better soon!

Holly said...

Hehehe! I like your uniforms, especially the bow tie. :P
LOL bandcest sounds like dramacest, which, as you have probably deduced, is also much the same, only replace "band" with "theatre company"/"cast or crew of current show". Lovely.

Salty Miss Jill said...

You are too adorable for words.
Welcome home!

Em said...

You look like an adorable little soldier boy!

And from this one post you have put Dunedin, bandcest and the triangle on THE MAP. The public thanks you.

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - bleary-eyed not surprising! Am still a little the worse for wear so have taken the afternoon off work

Holly - bandcest is exactly like dramacest! But with more potential for bad puns. Woman at work: "So you didn't just blow your trumpet, then?"

SMJill - Thank you!

Em - The public has indeed been enlightened! Especially about the bandcest. The movie is going to be awesome

cerebral e said...

Gosh, I am glad there was no bandcest when I was in band (or maybe I was just choosing to ignore it). Your uniform, without an instrument to accessorise it, reminds me of a valet at a posh hotel (much posher than I've ever visited).

The triangle story reminds me of this cartoon that I loved as a kid:

disturbed. said...

I had a sex dream about you last night. eew EEW.

(well not that you're gross, but a sex dream about someone you 'know', especially if you don't fancy them when you're awake...)

You had to leave halfway through to catch the bus for band practice.

where's the commitment?!