Thursday, July 08, 2010


HI everyone! That capital I was an accident but I think I'll leave it because it makes me sound more enthusiastic. Dunedin is cold and seems to give me hangovers - also internet is scarce and rehearsals are plentiful, so this may be the last post until Sunday.

This is Dunedin. All of it. It's just one big house. It's like the Tardis.

Band hasn't actually competed in anything yet, but I have a band story nonetheless: in one of our pieces, there is a moment where nothing happens except a single, plaintive TING! from the triangle. Recently in rehearsal we reached said TING moment and there was nothing! The conductor stopped and a small voice drifted out from the percussion section:
"Sorry... I tried to hit it, but I missed." Good grief.

TOmorrow (the O is for Excitement) is the parade of bands, where we all march down the street in our uniforms - I'll be sure to take a picture of me in my uniform. Kate said I look like a Roundhead, but it turns out that she meant a Redcoat.

She said, "But one of the young ones, whose parents don't know he's snuck off to war." Awesome. I am going to die a needless and highly poignant death. But not right now, because right now I am going to polish my marching shoes! We are having a shoe polishing party in one of the hotel rooms. Everyone will polish their shoes and drink wine. What? It's perfectly normal.


slommler said...

Polish your shoes and drink wine, huh? Ha! Sounds! Ha!
Actually, sounds like you are having a great time. Looking forward to seeing pics of you in uniform!!
That red boa thingy....seriously???

Amie said...

I would like to join your band as your triangle player's understudy. Do bands have those? Because I would NEVER miss the triangle. I might over-enthusiastically play it more than once though. So it'll be more like TINGALINGALINGALING!

Anonymous said...

I remember internet being rather scarce in Dunedin when I was there a few months ago, as well! Though there's a McDonalds somewhere centralish with a bunch of computers in it? Mmm, helpful.

My sister and I spent a *long* time there catching up on TV programmes we were missing while travelling. Also embarrassing ourselves in front of the counter staff by asking for each hour of internet time individually after the last one had run out, cause we were determined each would be the last. It wasn't ideal.

Though it was fairly near a shop that sold puppies and let you play with them. (And again, I am a hive of useful information) That was much less fun and much less embarrassing. I highly reccommend it!

Are you enjoying Dunedin, though, aside from the hangovers? I must say I enjoyed Dunedin, despite doing very little there. (Its determination to be Scottish is worthy of admiration, I found.)

As for polishing shoes and drinking wine, that sounds like the making of not only a stellar night but a fantastic drinking game! Surely there's something to be achieved with races to polish a shoe satisfactorily and downing glasses of wine?

And pictures of the marching uniform would be swell. I've only ever seen them in movies, so I'm eagerly anticipating it being dorned with gold fringe and excess buttons!

[I also hope you were sincere about longer comments being alright. Cause I enjoy them as well, it *is* much more like a chat, and I have a very apparent tendency to gabble before I get any kind of point across. :D]


Anonymous said...

*^Much more fun.

The puppies were clearly more fun, not less. Or else that wouldn't make very much sense...

The Feersum Blogosaurus said...

If you dribble on shoe polish and then rub it into your shoe, it makes your shoes shinier.


otherworldlyone said...

It doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you're drinking wine while doing it. Cool by association with alcohol, you see.

Have a good time this weekend! And good luck!

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - You never know! Luckily no red boas came out.

Amie - He could use an understudy. We could probably use another percussionist! You could be triangle specialist.

Claire - I believe I walk of shamed past that McDonald's. In front of half the band. Who were having breakfast. I did have fun in Dunedin! In the end someone else took pity and finished off my shoes. It seems like so much longer than 5 days ago!

Blogosaurus - TOTALLY USEFUL

ow1 - Exactly! Brass banding is so trendy

Marisa said...

Duuuuude, the tardis house is totally my old flat! Ahh, drunken Dunedin memories...