Thursday, July 15, 2010


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Before I get into the actual post, I got the best comment ever yesterday, from 'disturbed.' -

I had a sex dream about you last night. eew EEW.
(well not that you're gross, but a sex dream about someone you 'know', especially if you don't fancy them when you're awake...)
You had to leave halfway through to catch the bus for band practice.
where's the commitment?!

Totally the best bit is where I leave halfway through to catch the bus to band. I'm sorry, disturbed. I wouldn't actually do that. Probably. I might if we, like, had a big concert or something and I wasn't that into it anyway which I might not be because apparently you don't fancy me. Still. Comment of the month, even if you do have terrible taste in women.

Anyway, post - serious post - let's talk about Dreams. This is a really weird post for this blog but it's been annoying the crap out of me.

Has anyone else stopped sharing their Dreams with other people, because too often they laugh patronisingly and say, "Surely you're not really going to do that?" and then you kind of shrug and accept that no, you're not, and it was probably a bad idea, and everyone has a wee relieved laugh and then the Dream becomes a Joke and that is then end of that Dream? Because fuck that.

I have been thinking about things to do after I become bored of this job (which happened about a week and a half ago) but all the things which sound exciting to me are huge career changes and when I tell people they look at me like I am a dog which has just announced that it wants to be a fighter pilot. You know the look. It says, "I am having trouble believing that you seriously think you could pull that off, and pity you slightly for thinking it is possible." It is a look that makes my middle finger itchy but also a look which is quite confidence-eroding because you start thinking, maybe they are right! Maybe dogs are not meant to be fighter pilots! Maybe I should just keep hanging out in parks and peeing on bushes and this analogy has fallen over a bit but I think you see my point.

I held a brief survey amongst friends and apparently it's quite common that now you can't get excited about anything any more, because all of a sudden there will be a clusterfuck of people gathered around pointing their fingers and whispering, "Look at her! She really thinks she can be a doctor/teacher/racecar driver/astronaut/internet circus entrepreneur! Ha ha ha!" And, to be fair, the internet circus entrepreneur was kind of a retarded idea but that's not the point.

The point is that you shouldn't have to keep your Dreams a Secret so that people aren't mean about them. Here is the other point:


(Unless you are 'disturbed.' In that case, I'm sorry but I can't be your dream because I really have to get to band practice.)


a cat of impossible colour said...

Is awesome when you Achieve said Dream and can laugh in people's faces and do a little smug dance of victory.

Anonymous said...

I suppose there's a reason why a lot of the most successful people talk about how they had to stand up to a lot of shit from people around them to get where they are!

And to agree with the previous commenter, it must feel so fucking great to do what you set out to and were mocked for and to be able to laugh in their faces. :D

But yeh, I've found that a dream never sounds as plausible out loud as it does in my head. And people can have an alarming lack of faith in even slightly unusual ideas.

I would begin whatever I want to do, start something in the direction of a dream, before letting the world know. Cause then, I don't know, there's some credibility attached?

But regardless, go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.

Which is a quote I've become quite fond of lately in my directionless state of life. :)


Tooting Squared said...

I totally got the wrong end of the stick when I started reading this. I thought you were talking about dreams (like, ACTUAL dreams) coming true. Like, "last night I dreamed that I was Elizabeth Taylor, only I was also a hamster, and then I got stuck in my wheel and had to be rescued by a fireman ..." etc etc etc, ACTUALLY coming true!

Here's the thing about dreams (like ambitions, like what you're really talking about). You can kind of do it in stages and it's less scary. Like design websites and stationary and go on evening classes and stuff, without actually leaving the dull-but-necessary day job. I had a dream to do something more creative than the b-b-n day job so I set things up in my spare time and then started working part time so that I could do a bit of "farting around" (as my friends call it), and it's perfect, so I can do the little smug dance that A Cat ... is talking about.

Follow your dreams! And blow a fat raspberry at anyone who says, "but how will you make any money?" because they are TOO BORING!

slommler said...

Yes!! I want to be my DREAM!!! I too have been keeping my dreams to myself because of just that!
I do have one friend though that is also a dreamer and she gets excited when I share mine. She says, always, "Go for it"!!! Great friend!!
You go for yours too!!

chris.dadness said...
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chris.dadness said...

^ spelling mistake

I am also relieved this wasn't "and then John Mayer turned into a stick of celery except he was STILL John Mayer..." etc type Dreams.

My dream was extremely modest, and I am living it now. Am I, um, supposed to get a new one or something?

tjl said...

Go for it! This prolly sounds trite, but I have a feeling you could accomplish pretty much anything you want to.

Phil said...

Yeah - definitely go for it.
Instead of a dream - make it a goal. I think you should have your own chat show on national TV!!

IT IS ALLY said...

Thanks, you guys, for awesome comments! Am feeling much more uplifted now. (No sarcasm.) We should all be on Oprah. (Sarcasm. But that would be fun.)

Andrea - Yes! Is the best thing Ever. But then I spend more time working on my victory dance than on my Dream :p

Claire - I like the quote! Live the life you've imagined. Except without that bit about Jared Leto because that's not really the right sort of dream. Or maybe it's just one of those dreams that sounds silly out loud? I know what you mean, though.

Tooting - Exactly! Man, this is super inspirational today. Stages is a good idea, will work to that model. Hahaha Elizabeth Taylor - I love those dreams - "I was talking to you, except you didn't look like you, you were a robot swan" etc.

Sueann - Yay! Let's go BE OUR DREAMS. Right after I have processed this mountain of sales admin paperwork.

chris - No, you may start work on mine. You may be Dream Assistant A. It is awesome that you have managed yours, though, am envious.

tjl - It does sound trite! But thank you :) is hard not to sound trite when being Inspirational.

Phil - AHAHAHAHA imagine that. Best chat show EVER. You could be my first guest.

Amy said...

I actually just started to write all my reasons for sticking with my DREAM on tumblr, because writing all those cover letters month after month was getting SO DEPRESSING.