Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi everyone! I know you've always wondered what Beauty In Action looks like, so today while wearing half the Dead Sea on my face I took some pictures.


I had a long day at work so I spent $5 on a packet of mud. I'm not sure why. I have tons of mud in the garden. My garden mud doesn't smell like Aloe Vera though, the only plant which always makes me think of someone off Coro enthusiastically greeting his neighbour (who is called Vera).

if we were on the playground people would be throwing rocks at me and also I probably wouldn't have that beer.

The face mask was called "Anti-Stress." I did feel less stressed, but think it might have been the beer.

While I was waiting for the mud to sink into my pores I was mucking about with the auto timer (which I just learnt how to use!) and took the following ARTY PICTURES.

All of them are a new strain of art that I like to call 'accidental'.




Man, it's been 2 hours and I'm still laughing at that last picture.


slommler said...

That last picture has me laughing for sure!! Ha!
I never thought about having a beer with my mask...I will have to give it a try!!
You definitely look relaxed!!

cerebral e said...

I thought I saw some evidence of LBL in the last photo but on second glance it's just a shadow (I hope).

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - Would totally recommend the beer and mask combination!

cE - Hahahaha! It's a stain from the time I spilt wine on the couch (I think? maybe was from something else). Not from me though, I promise.

liz said...

please update on how hydrating this mud mask really is, im wanting to try it. with no alcohol though, me posing like that last pic would not be fun.

Phil said...

It's like Marcel Marceau meets 'Scarfies' - disturbing yet endearing

Anonymous said...


otherworldlyone said...

I was not expecting that last one. Haha.

Em said...

He he he. You take art to a new level...

Jane said...

You crack me up.. I love it! (ESPECIALLY the last one;)
Your hair is looking really cool in these shots too.

IT IS ALLY said...

Liz - Mask was actually really good :)

Phil - Thank you! 'Disturbing yet endearing' is what I go for.


ow1 - No-one expects the pervert mime photo.

Em - thank you! I need a $50k grant and a solo exhibition.

Jane - Thank you! Is because of hair mask :D

Jessica said...

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