Saturday, July 03, 2010

Things I Like

I'm doing positive thinking today (it started at 8am with, "This Powerade will erase my hangover in time for marching practice*") so I have made a little list of Things I Like. However, I fell momentarily off the positive thinking wagon halfway through and so this post contains another disturbing Harry Potter picture. Consider yourself warned.

*Ha ha ha. It's Powerade, not a time machine. Incidentally, I think that if I had a time machine one of its primary uses would be popping back to the night before and not having that last tequila shot/bottle of wine.

Telling taxi drivers that my life is far more exciting than it actually is - does anyone else do this? Not whacking great lies, because if I was really Justin Bieber then I wouldn't be taking a taxi, but little exaggerations about my day in which my job is better, my holidays are overseas and my boyfriend is a ski instructor.

Crossword scratchies: are fun!

Cold and flu medication. It is magic. Science says it isn't but I think it is. There was going to be a picture of Harry Potter and a box of Codral but then Google distracted me with this and now I'm confused about everything. You should know that I resized this for you and it was originally worse.

Much worse.

- Eminem is awesome. He wouldn't be in a photo with nude Harry Potter, even though in this picture he's totally contemplating it.

Maybe I'm a little drunk, but what the hey.

Doing small good deeds: You know the ones - good deeds that require very little effort, like letting someone in in traffic provided you aren't in a hurry to get back to the office because you really need a wee. And then you feel better about the world, someone else is a little bit happier and also you are an amazing citizen who has now done their bit for the day and can go back to muttering under their breath about how ugly other people's children are. Selfish do-gooding is totally the best kind.

Enforced relaxation: I'm crap at relaxing. Fairly lazy, but crap at relaxing. I sit down with a book or a crossword or the Internet and 'relax', but in the back of my head there's always a voice reminding me that I should be doing something productive, like the dishes. But I love things like going to the hairdresser, because you sit there for an hour with a magazine and a cup of coffee and there's no way you could be doing something productive, so it's OK to do nothing. Enforced relaxation is the best thing ever.

Jared Leto.
I like him but I really don't know why. Sorry. I know he's a wiener. This afternoon he tweeted 'ITS POMEGRANATE!' with a link to a picture of a pomegranate.

No shit, Jared.

now that I think about it, pomegranates are pretty delicious.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I have to say, I really enjoy Harry/Draco slash fanfic.

Phil said...

I like the way that song goes:

"Diddy diddy bum bum San Fernando.."

IT IS ALLY said...

Tee hee, bum bum. Speaking of, there is a LOT of Harry/Draco slash fanart out there. Like, a lot a lot.

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

I made cupcakes with a pomegranate icing

Em said...

Oh Ally, Jared? Harry and Draco having a cuddle is one thing but Jared... Jared makes me want to poke his little eyelined eyes out.

Em said...

Although I do like pomegranates.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love talking nonsense to taxi drivers!

Putting on an accent, pretending to be really wealthy, or telling a largely fabricated story with great vigour is half the fun of getting taxis at all! Though I've had to cut back because I keep using the same taxi firm and some of the drivers recognise me and I have to remember what I've said to them. And considering I employ the bullshitting tactic even while sober, it becomes super hard to negotiate a taxi chat situation, especially when drunk. Which isn't something you need when you're just trying not to vom in the car!

But definitely glad that it brings you as much joy as it brings me. There are endless possibilities. Like picking a political issue you're pretty indifferent about and getting really riled up, and getting the taxi driver all involved. Try it some time! It's quite cathartic. :D

(Also, the very sight of a pomegranate makes me feel ill, thanks trypophobia!)

But I hope this becomes a regular feature, and not just because I totally ship Harry/Draco!


Anonymous said...

Eeeks, that was an inappropriate comment length!

I'll aim to be more concise in future!

IT IS ALLY said...

Kat - That's... nice, I guess.

Em - I KNOW. It's embarrassing. I'm not even sure why I told you.

Claire - Long comments are fine! Almost like having an actual chat. Have totally done the getting riled about political issue thing, is great fun. Trypophobia sounds awful (but interesting) - sorry to pomegranate you, will avoid clusters of holes in future unless I do some kind of special feature on I can't find a polite way to end that sentence.

chris.dadness said...

We were bullshitting a driver in India once that the three of us were in a circus - I was an acrobat, Bree rode a horse standing up etc etc. He replied by saying "I am a murderer - yes, I take tourists away and they never find them..." I haven't bullshitted any taxi drivers since.

Marisa said...

Is it just me, or are Jared Leto's fingernails grossly long?