Friday, July 02, 2010

To the tune of Last Train to San Fernando

If you don't know the song, now you do. Also I'm at work so I didn't actually listen to that so I'm sorry if it's something else. Google it yourself, you're all grown-ups. I hope. I hope there are not any children reading this blog because children, this is not suitable for you. There are adult themes, like fuckin'.

Anyway, today is your...

Last chance to win a piñata
Last chance to win a piñata
And if you miss this one
There'll never be another one*
Last chance to win a piñata!

Entries close tonight! And I'll do a video draw in the next few days.

*unless I get over-excited and give EVERYONE a piñata which is pretty unlikely because I'm not Oprah.


Michelle said...

a video draw?!! What excitement!

Phil said...

I wanna win!!
Pickmepickmepickme ohpleaseopleaseoplease

Anonymous said...

If shipping isn't an issue after all, then I'm definitely in! :D

Pinata fun for everyone. Or more accurately, the roughly three people I would actually be prepared to share the candy with. Everyone else can whack it all they like and then stay back until the sweet nectarous joy has been divided appropriately. :D


otherworldlyone said...

I don't care who wins. I just wanna see this video draw. Wear the necklace!

Cate said...

I want. Gimme!

slommler said...

Shucks! I thought we all were getting one! Ha!!