Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

At the moment life makes me feel like someone trying to walk ten dogs at once, which is not a very good analogy but it least it doesn't feature Hitler or the disabled. For some reason my analogies often do, and it never goes down particularly well.

Am grumpy as today at work I spent the morning doing someone else's job because they had not done it themselves and now I am behind at my job; also today at work my boss told me off for flirting with one of the reporters! Which is just unfair.

Me: "Colleague just told me off for flirting with Reporter!"
Boss: "You were."
Me: "I know! It's hilarious because he doesn't flirt back."
Boss: "You're mean! He has a girlfriend."
Me: "I'm not mean! He doesn't mind. It is flirting practice."
Boss: "He just stands there. When I came out before he was blushing. You're terrible."
Me: "Ha ha ha ha ha, sorry."
Boss: "No you're not."

Anyway what with the metaphorical Dogs of Life and the increased workload and the pending sexual harassment investigation I thought it would be nice to focus on the positive for a minute.

Do you guys know about Three Beautiful Things? It is a blogging concept (I feel like a wanker for writing that) where every day you blog about three things which have brought you some measure of joy. Here are mine.

Three Beautiful Things

1. Beauty and the Beast has been re-released at the cinema in 3-D and I am going to see it on Sunday. With a date! With a date who has a pilot's licence. I know, right? He is also a great guy and I like him a lot and blah blah but hey you guys, pilot's licence*. Told Dad about this via text and he replied "keep your flaps up ha ha." Dad is a classy fellow.

2. At work, printed off the WHAT turtle from a couple of days ago (scroll down if you have forgotten) and stuck it on a stick coffee stirrer emery board thing some people make wagons out of but not toothpicks, you know those things, what the fuck are they called? one of these:

and now whenever someone comes over to my desk and starts in with the "Ally, I have a question," or the "Ally, can you help me with something," or the "Ally, do you know if," I just hold up the WHAT turtle and it is immensely satisfying.

3. I am sitting on the couch in my onesie, with the dog, eating a pie. It is cold outside and the heat pump is on, and I don't have to be at work again until tomorrow. Soon I am going to make a cup of tea and go to bed and read blogs and talk to My Date and maybe watch some TV on the internet and that, people, is a Beautiful Thing.

*But, sweetheart, I don't just like you for your pilot's licence, honestly! Also, about the reporter flirting. I know it sounds bad but I was totally just honing my skills so that when I flirt with you it is really good flirting.


Anonymous said...

Ahahaa 'blogging concept' that is a bit wanky. But then, this week I have been writing sentences including the words 'oeuvre' and 'verbose'. Art History essays fuck yeah.

But I totally get your drift - I do my Things I Love Thursday posts to remind me of the good when life seems to go down the shitter.

I think I need a What Turtle for work - there are some very stupid students who don't know how to use libraries, who think that I (me! With the name badge and all!) am there to help them. Psh. I'll only help the hot guys... the others can have a what turtle. Or a slightly less polite 'fuck off' fish. Or something.

Kate said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE the WHAT turtle sign!

I have my screen saver so that whenever I leave for a meeting it shows this picture:

It is my most favorite EVER. :-)

Matt79 said...

That could be the funniest comment I've heard attributed to a dad in response to his daughter going on a date!

Em said...

I think your dad said it all. Perfection.

IT IS ALLY said...

ICEBLOCK STICKS. That is what they are called!

Raquel - I love the word 'oeuvre.' I'm going to try and work it into as many conversations as possible this afternoon. You should totally make a WHAT turtle. Although the intellectual copyright remains with me.

Kate - That is AWESOME. I emailed it to friends and at least two of them have adopted it.

Matt - I know. He is never lost for words on other people's love lives.

Em - Runs in the family :D

slommler said...

The WHAT turtle sign is a perfect response to anything! Love it!!
And your flirting with guy at the office excuse is really lame. Just saying!!!

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - Hahahaha! You're right, it totally is. Actually he's just fun to flirt with. Maybe I am mean after all

a cat of impossible colour said...

I call them lolly sticks. Or tongue depressers!

Wow, a lot of names for a simple stick.


Salty Miss Jill said...

You will be telling us about your date...?