Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day Off

Not at work today because of The Earthquake! We were all told about 2pm yesterday to get the cars out of the basement park and ourselves out of the office because the building was not as super-safe as suspected. We're meant to be back at work tomorrow but apparently this morning there was a crane removing one of the turrets, so I guess we'll wait and see.

A truck has just come and dumped $300 worth of dirt in the driveway - Mum is making a new garden, or something. It turns out that $300 gets you a significant amount of dirt.

Surely it is Too Soon after the earthquake to be filling one's own driveway with huge piles of misplaced earth? Surely that is just taunting Nature?

Fuck you, Nature! We'll make our OWN devastation!

Back tomorrow. Dirt to sort. Also spring cleaning to do. Why would you do spring cleaning and dirt amassment on the same day? Why? Life is a PUZZLE.


Juli Ryan said...

You crack me up.(snort)

cerebral e said...

Your work has a turret? I didn't know New Zealand had castles!

slommler said...

Now that is one big pile of dirt!!!
So work may be off due to building fatigue? And a missing turret? Hope you get paid too?!!
Have fun with your soil pile and your cleaning!

a cat of impossible colour said...


dbs said...

Oh I wish it was spring here. Dirt kicks ass. Enjoy it.

IT IS ALLY said...

Juli - Thank you!

cE - It does when you're a PRINCESS.

SueAnn - We do get paid! Thank goodness. Also, fun with cleaning? Har har har.


dbs - I actually kind of did.