Wednesday, September 08, 2010


As a result of The Earthquake (there was another big aftershock this morning; I was parked in town and the glass frontage of the building next to me wobbled like that novelty instrument Rolf Harris brings out at parties

Yeah, that one.

and I thought, 'I had better get out of here,' and then there was a explosion in the distance and a cloud of black smoke went up on the next block and the traffic lights went out and I said Oh Fuck Me and zoomed away quick smart), there have been more emergency service vehicles on the road than usual.

Which means more fire trucks, the friendliest of the emergency vehicles! Fire trucks always make me smile. They shouldn't, because they mean that something is burning that isn't supposed to, but they do anyway. They're just so cheerful. I have crafted an analogy: if ambulances are the boyfriend who is nice but far too serious and insists on discussing philosophy all the time, and police cars are the boyfriend who is cool but a little too scary to show to your parents, then fire engines are the boyfriend who will walk your dog on the beach and bring you fish and chips.

When I grow up, I am going to marry a fire engine.

Right now I am going to go and get a haircut.


slommler said...

Ha! I never thought of a firetruck in that way!! Food for thought!!

Phil said...

Hang in there Ally in Shaky Town. Us Jafas DO care.

Hey - fire truck is also rilly rude if you spoonerise it too!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Truly the most lovable of the emergency services.

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - They're just so friendly-looking! I don't think of them in, you know, *that* way. I am not a fire truck pervert.

Phil - I saw an awesome tweet on the morning of the quake - "Christchurch upstages Auckland traffic jam" or something like that. I hope the quake does not reach Auckland - the lattes that would be spilt! (Just kidding, though. Thank you for your kind thoughts.) I remember the first time I spoonerised firetruck - my mother was less that impressed.

Andrea - I know! They are so NICE

cerebral e said...

Don't worry, no one's burning. There's just lots of kittens stuck in trees.

Phil said...

I always thought Friar Tuck was hilarious for the same reason. But then I did call my parents Dum & Mad when I was about seven

IT IS ALLY said...

cE - That is such a good point! Guilt gone.

Phil - HAHAHA I never thought of that one. Friar Tuck. Hehe. Tell your friends.

Relatedly, the word verification is "dictihi." Ti hi! Dics!

Anonymous said...

Best analogy ever

Anonymous said...

its also my birthday today 15th September 2010 turned 28