Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shower Beer

I am tired and grumpy and stressed, and work has decided to shove our team in a hotel conference room while the building is being dequaked, and it's not a big room and the reporters are in there too and they like to Be Quiet And Serious and I am neither of these things and soon I am going to snap and bludgeon Cute Reporter to death with a rolled up copy of the Saturday edition (it's heavier) even though he is a stone cold fox. That is how over it I am. So it's time for some thinking positive. It's time for some good news.

It's time to have a beer in the shower.

What, you've never had a beer in the shower? Oh man, you are missing out because it is awesome. Unlike having a cup of tea in the shower, which is weirdly unsatisfying (I think it's because the tea and the shower are roughly the same temperature and that is somehow gross), having a beer in the shower is one of those events that feels so instantly right that you wonder why no-one's publicised it before now. Like this:

This comic is called Purpose. From here.

Many things need fixing.
Shower beer fixes everything.
If you need me I will be in the bathroom enjoying my bits.
(I mean my beer in the shower. Maybe I shouldn't abbreviate that.)

p.s. It is also nice to eat Le Snaks in the shower, as long as you don't mind the crackers getting a touch soggy and the cheese - sorry, 'cheese' - going a bit melty (because of the steam).


cerebral e said...

Genius. I haven't done this for years and I agree, it is very satisfying.

Aaron said...

When I was 16 I saw a photo of Slash having a beer in the shower. I was sold. So you and Slash - equally cool.

(Am fully aware there's a 'having a slash in the shower' joke there somewhere, but it is very late and I can't quite figure it.)

Elese said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE HAVING BEER IN THE SHOWER it's like popcorn at the movies; they are meant to be.

anna marie said...

Shower beers are about the best thing in the world. Shower beers + shared shower with husband is the best!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love having a beer in the shower! Hate shared shower with husband, though, Anna Marie, because he is too big and takes up all the space and because he is much taller than me the water hits him first and I get the lukewarm dregs. :(

I also like coffee in the shower in the mornings.

Enjoy your bits!

Alyson said...

Oh yeah...*recalls student days* With me this was generally something done in haste as clearly back then time did not permit having a shower THEN having a beer. Hmmm.

slommler said...

Gee! I have been missing out in all these years...I have never had a beer in the shower. Guess I have to change that and soon. Sounds orgasmic!!

Gemma said...

I've never had shower beer and now i'm wondering why

Michelle said...

you are awesome.

In other news, I feel sorry for all those people who type in "" instead of "" - expecting Jesus and they get wieners in holes and that sort of jazz (or jizz as is usually the case)

wv: meatina: small, woodwind instrument, in the orchestra next to the meat flute

mcm said...

showerbeer- internationally recognized as awesome. what are le snacks?

many thanks for your posts?

mcm said...

after research have learned-

that le snacks are lovely looking and having a contest

jr. dippers are the usa equivalent

and i am careless with punctuation

IT IS ALLY said...

cE - I am reviving the tradition!

Aaron - Wow, big call! But I totally agree. Don't worry about slash in the shower joke, will be blogging about that later today.

Elese - I KNOW and I'm so glad someone agrees.

Anna Marie - wow, you do win with that one. Have only ever had shower beers by myself. Will ask the Pilot if he'd care to participate

Andrea - Coffee in the shower! Have not tried. Will try, although suspect it would be disappointing like tea.

Alyson - Yeah, that's how it started for me. "Need a shower but want a beer... OH MY GOD I HAVE AN IDEA"

SueAnn - Yeah! Give it a go! Let me know how you get on :)

Gemma - It's not too late. Do it and report back. It'll change your life! In, you know, a pretty minor way, but still.

Michelle - HAHAHAHA that is hilarious and awesome, I had no idea that site was there! Also loving the meatina.

mcm - le snaks are lovely little things. Email me your address, I will post you packet. In exchange for jrdippers