Monday, September 13, 2010

Brand Spanking*

*New. Not brand spanking as in spanked by a Nike endorsed paddle, although that would be a pretty good marketing tool. Why is there never any product placement in porn? Or maybe there is, and I just haven't seen it. I don't really watch a lot of porn. Feel free to enlighten me on this. Like, you know, "In Anal Babes III that is totally a Coke bottle!"

Hi everyone! I'm exhausted as because our offices are Unsafe due to the Great Christchurch You-Know-What (if you speak its name you invite another one) we have been moved to a temporary stable in Rangiora. Rangiora is a small town about half an hour out of Christchurch. I can't describe what it's like in words so here it is in pictures:

That's still not quite right but my point is that it is a small town and we are in a small office along with the small office's usual Rangiorian inhabitants (who have, to my surprise, been nothing but perfectly pleasant) and some other displaced people from my work (every so often you pop your head round a corner to see a designer, furtively creating, and they startle and run back to their woodland home and that moment of beauty is lost forever), and my colleagues, all of whom I am now heartily sick of.

So it's probably good that instead of having to churn out something witty and sparkling I can direct you to this, my brand new blog!

Don't worry. It's not replacing this blog. This blog is still my main blog, because I am allowed to swear in it*, but I'll be updating at New Blog a couple of times a week (I'll link to it here). If you need an analogy, I am totally still in love with this blog, I'm just posting at the other one a couple of times a week. She doesn't mean anything to me, baby. It's just text.

Tomorrow: Reviews! Wieners! Wiener reviews! Maybe.

*fuck fuck wankity cock


Matt79 said...

Great pictures! Is that Randy Quaid in Kingpin?

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love the Chch vs Rangiora pictures (picturez) and your new blog is so cool! Congratulations! Miss you.

A xx

Em said...

Wahoo you! Well done on your new blog. Let's hope the good people of Rangiora enjoy THAT one...

Juli Ryan said...

Congrats on the new blog! You are a star!

*uncorked said...

It is impossible to put into words how much I love your opening paragraph. You never cease to amaze me.

IT IS ALLY said...

Matt - You know, I have no idea. It's just what Google gave me for "mildly retarded."

Andrea - Thank youuuu! I'm glad you like my new blog! Miss you too :(

Em - Thank you! Meh, I'm sure the good people of Rangiora will be able to laugh at themselves... nah, what am I talking about, they don't have computers

Juli - Thank you! I'm not really a star. Just a little bit more of a star than I was. Maybe I'm a satellite. Or perhaps a lighthouse.

V - Haha, thank you! But if you think about it. Really, there should be product placement. I wonder who I would suggest that to?