Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring. Sprung.


Yesterday I took Charlie for a walk. (I know, right? It is fascinating when people talk about their pets.) We have had lovely weather lately (I know, right? It is fascinating when people talk about the weather) and I thought it'd be nice to take him out for a spin.

Here he is, mid-spin. I don't know why he has his tongue out, he doesn't usually do that.

It was a nice walk and we took lots of photos of daffodils and ducks. I mean I took the photos, Charlie didn't take any photos but he did chase a duck, and sit on a clump of daffodils I was trying to take a photo of. Thanks Charlie. How am I ever going to be a famous tumblr artist now?

It's from the daffodils' point of view. Obviously.

I'm away in Greymouth this weekend, visiting Kate and Sam, who are on placement at a Greymouth hospital (they are learning to be nurses).

If I was more organised I would have organised AUTO-POSTS during my absence but, you know, I'm not. If you want something to get you through the weekend though, you can read my other blog - this week it was about Summer and Fashion Week.

May you head into your magical weekend with the same spirit that Charlie heads into his walk:

Mildly excited and in need of a wee.


slommler said...

Ha! Back from my wee...just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your post!! Made me smile for sure.
Charlie is adorable and I am glad you both enjoyed your walk. Daffodils? I wish...too cold here now..past their season here!! Sign!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Aw, I miss you both!

Matt79 said...

Oh to be in the southern hemisphere for the next few months - enjoy it for those of us on the soon-to-be colder side of the world!

Juli Ryan said...

You should totally have a tumblr. Because there is no such thing as being on the Internet enough. xx