Saturday, October 09, 2010


I put a coat on layby a couple of months ago, and now I have finally paid it off and am Its Rightful Owner! Look at my nice coat. Look how nice it is. (For those of you who care, it is by Alexi Freeman and I bought it at Where The Fox Lives and this photo was taken in my garden.)

Dog: model's own. His coat is very nice too.

In other news, the only other news is that I am going to a hen's night tonight and thought it would be relatively easy and impressive to chop up a pineapple and make a fruit platter. However, it was not easy, and I strongly doubt that it will be impressive.

Let's have another look at that nice coat:

ARTY PHOTO even Charlie is doing a bit of a pose.

Hen's night calls! Back tomorrow!

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Kaz said...


Both coats that is :-)

chris.dadness said...

That's a kind of WW1 dazzle ships style design. If you were at sea it would very hard to hit you with a torpedo.

a cat of impossible colour said...

That is the absolute perfect coat for you. I love it. It's stunning. You look great in graphic prints and black and white!

A x

Claire said...

The coat is lovely! Well worth the investment, I imagine. :)

But what you need for the pineapple is this bad boy:

Apparently they are not only effective but easy to use. If I ever find myself in a position of buying pineapples regularly, one of these will take its rightful place in my life!


Hi Ally,

Alexi Freeman here - the designer of your recently purchased Op Art Coat. Just a quick note to say I'm thrilled that you've chosen to wear ALEXI FREEMAN this season, and to let you know that you have bought one of only 5 made, so you wont see too many people walking down the street in this particular design. Stay in touch! Alexi xx