Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long Weekend of the Pengwolf

Have been a crappy blogger this week because of being Busy and Important/Lazy and Sleep-Deprived/Suffering Writer's Block* (pick your favourite, but it's the middle one). I have put out (heh heh) posts on my boss being away and, of course, the musical Quake! over on The Other Blog but mainly what I have done is stay up late playing on the Internet and then complain incessantly about how tired I am.

I had the nicest moment at work the other day - I was driving to an appointment and it took me past my old school, St Andrew's College. It is a fancy-pants private school and I was a part scholarship student, which was pretty fun but sometimes I felt like the poor cousin and became grumpy. So when I was driving past in the shiny new work car, with the windows down and Billionaire playing on the radio, wearing my Very Expensive Coat and on my way to a Very Important Meeting (VIM),** I turned the radio right up and grinned hugely and gave St Andrew's College the finger, and it was the most satisfying part of my entire week. (Except for the day where I drank too much coffee and peed for, like, a minute straight. I was pretty impressed with that.) So if you haven't done so already, I thoroughly recommend flipping your alma mater the bird.

Speaking of birds, here is a picture of a pengwolf:

You're welcome.

Proper post tomorrow, unless I become busy, or bored, or drunk.

*Andrea has the best take on writer's block, noting that it's very particular to the creative fields and perhaps sometimes over-used as an excuse for Not Doing Work: "Plumbers don't get plumber's block! Electricians don't get electrician's block! They just go and do the job." But then to be fair, one doubts that a high level of inspiration is required for wiring. I mean, all you're doing is mucking about with voltage that could fry you like a sausage, you're not doing anything important, like finishing your space opera or trying to entertain people on the internet. Talk of sausages reminds me that breakfast is yet to happen and it is 1 in the damn afternoon. I'm hungry.

**this is a lie, I was going to get my eyebrows done, but I had VIM after that so it totally still counts.


slommler said...

Sausages!! Add that with pancakes and I am there!!!
Nah! I can't flip my Alma mater off...I loved it there!!
Penguwolf? Really?

a cat of impossible colour said...

LONG WEEKEND OF THE PENGWOLF would make an awesome B-grade horror movie.

Flip StAC off for me too, next time you pass it!

(I was not a full-paying student either)

AnaDrea said...

I thought of you('re blog) last night, as I had my first shower beer. I've enjoyed bath wine and jacuzzi cocktails in the past, but neither are nearly as satisfying. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Also, the pengwolf is rather adorable. Thank you.

chris.dadness said...

I paid a very rare visit to my hometown and drove by the alma mater yesterday. I really loathed it then; but on a sunny day, with kids playing cricket on the oval, the principal dead - you know it didn't seem that bad.

Our school song actually said
XXX High School, alma mater
Be for aye thy childrens' pride

but it was not the sort of place one learned Latin, so a lot of people thought that bit was 'our tomato'.ever