Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Link For You; Sleep For Me.

Not a lot of post today because I am too tired to think in full sentences and anything I type is competing for attention with a shouty, 3-year-old inner child who just wants juice and then a nap in their blanket.

But here is something good to go and look at if you live, or have lived, in Wellington. It's a tumblr of weird things found around Wellington and it's pretty funny. Maybe check it out even if you don't know the city, because it seems pretty universal.

See you all in a couple of days with a sneak preview of Quake!, the hit musical (that I am writing), based on the Great Christchurch You-Know-What. Right now though, I am going to fetch the orange & mango* and tuck up in my blanket and watch Daisy of Love and fall asleep with my face on the laptop and oh man, it is going to be awesome. Night night.

*originally mistyped this as 'manhole'. What is wrong with me?


slommler said...

Good night dear one...sleep well!

Em said...

Hehehe, that Daisy of Love. All class. Which is why I watch too.