Tuesday, December 07, 2010

PSES Tuesday

Hi everyone!

Today is Pimp Someone Else's Shit Tuesday. This is not going to be a regular feature (probably) but my friend Zach has made an album and I like it so you're going to have to hear about it, and then you're going to go and listen to it because I am a trendsetter.

The band is called Teen Fortress; the album is called Learning (Everything Has To End For Some Reason I Don't Believe It) and the lack of punctuation is on purpose. You can download it for free or listen to it or maybe just think about how nice the song titles are on either the Teen Fortress site or on Bandcamp.

I like tracks 3 and 5 and 6 the best.

Get it? His music is bearcup. BEARCUP

In addition to that, you should listen to it because once I was stuck in Auckland and would never have been able to blog for you guys again except that Zach bailed me out for a flight home so now you owe him. Tell your friends.

And now for those of you who do not care for music! My favourite picture of the week and perhaps ever. And yes, I know sometimes this blog seems to be just endless photos of bears but I LIKE BEARS and perhaps it's time for another nice glass of wine.

Naughty little pandas! Off to the Naughty Panda Step with you.


slommler said...

That panda shot is adorable!!

IT IS ALLY said...

I KNOW. They're so cute. I just want a pair of baby pandas to walk about with!

Kate said...

That's it - I'm putting 'naughty pandas' on my Christmas list.


chris.dadness said...

I really thought this was going a regular segment (reg seg as I like to call them) where you discuss someone else's terrible day. How wrong I was.

Pandas are in the air (guffaw). You need to see this

Pam said...

How has this post been here so long without some crabby Aussie swooping in and saying "Koalas aren't BEARS! They're MARSUPIALS! Tch."?