Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Threez

Hi everyone! This is one of those shitty, "I'm so busy and important that blogging is, like, totally LP*" posts where I apologise for being a bad blogger, give you a token reason, then tip the last of the merlot down my throat-hole and collapse in a heap on a pile of dirty laundry. It's paradise as long as you don't breathe in too deeply.

  • This is my last week at work, so when I'm not busy (I mistyped that as 'when I'm not bushy' and only just caught it, thought you'd like to know) organising things for my replacement - which usually means 'starting to organise things for my replacement then getting into a Twitter discussion about the porn Oscars which lasts for an hour and almost makes me miss an appointment' - I am busy having I'll Never See You Again drinks. Christine and I have had two I'll Never See You Again drinks in the last week, and we will be having more on Friday.

  • Buskers festival. Am writing bits and pieces about buskers festival on my other blog - I would say reviewing but I'm pretty sure proper reviewers don't end their reviews with "Blond acrobat, if you're reading this, call me." Buskers festival is hugely entertaining except that I am really fucking sick of juggling (except fire juggling, this is still ok) and unicycles. Yes. I know I can't juggle or ride a unicycle or do both at the same time and you can, but this is a festival of buskers, I would estimate 60% of the people here can juggle so either do something interesting with it or stick your clubs up your unmentionable.

  • So tired. Need to sleep so much. Sleep and dream of unicorns.**

Here are three nice things you can go and look at while I am recuperating.

  • When Parents Text - some people (Zach) will not like this site because it's just a collection of mildly amusing txts people have received from their parents, and some people (Owen) will love it because of same and some people (Dad) will spent their next three months trying to appear on it.

  • The Monster Apathy - this is what your inner monologue would read like if you were drunk and told a lot of yo momma jokes, and were also very handsome.

  • Troutie, on String Vests - I find this post utterly hilarious.

Back soon.

*this means Low Priority. My boss (who is awesome) says it a lot. I'm pretty sure he says it ironically because he hates ASAP and growls like a small corporate lion if I ASAP him. LP is the opposite of HP, which is meant to mean High Priority (obviously) but in my mind means Sauce. "Ally... Ally, is this sauce?"

**But not wasps! I was talking to a friend yesterday who confessed that when he was Small, he wasn't able to call wasps by name because they would know they were being talked about and search him out in angry storms. "What did you call them?" I asked.
So cute.


slommler said...

After reading this post...I need a drink or two!! Ha! And a nap! And another drink or two! In fact, after reading this I felt like I already had a couple!!

Anonymous said...

The Monster Apathy = worst kind of shit

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - Know exactly what you mean! Still direly in need of a drink as we speak...

Anon - You know it's really fucking weird, how it's always the negative comments that are the anonymous ones? Yeah I don't really get that. I don't care what you think about the monster apathy but no-one's taking you seriously if you don't have the balls to put a name on it.

Anonymous said...

So, i am a new follower. not that any of that matters. Well actually yes it does, because I think you should know that I only follow persons of interest, and you are of interest. There I said it! High five. so this is where you return the favor. =) just kidding.

IT IS ALLY said...

SB - High five indeed! Or, as I like to write it because I am cool internet type, ^5.

Mr London Street said...

Your anonymous commenter made me laugh. Anyway, mine always think I am the worst kind of shit. I dread to think what sort of blogs they do enjoy, probably ones I think are the worst kind of shit.