Friday, March 04, 2011

Hot & horrid

It's REALLY hot. It's hot enough that I have eaten a whole watermelon (wow!) and am going to reprise this corn cartoon (or, if you will, 'corntoon'):

It is exactly what I am like.

While I was looking for the corntoon I stumbled across this and it has completely derailed the nice post I was going to write about the earthquake (although I did write one here, about going inside the cordons and poking an artwork) because WHAT?


The site I found this on is called 'somethinbeautiful' but we are going to have to agree to disagree on that.

Apparently I have discovered the work of James Kuhn, who is painting his face with something different every day for a year. We are not sure why. “I saw other 365’s but they are self-indulgent or just plain silly.” said James. “I wanted to take it to a higher level.”

Pictured: a higher level. A higher level of what?
James, what are you doing?

This is my favourite.

There are heaps of youtube videos of Kuhn moving his face about and they are utterly fascinating but extremely creepy. Recommended: the bodybuilder (he has drawn the bum on his nose) and the zebra, if you never want to sleep again. Do not show these to your children because they will scream and be traumatised.

ANYWAY. Tonight will be my third shift working overnight at the Art Gallery, which is the operations base for all things earthquake - I can't remember the proper name of it but I am partial to calling it EQHQ - so I'd better go and get myself vaguely sorted for that. Put pants on, etc. Can't get past the cordon in your undergruts! (It's an earthquake rule.)


liltoastfairy said...

*snort* loved the Corntoon! thanks :O)

Holly said...

That zebra is seriously weird. I wonder how much of each day he spends doing that!? o.O

Anonymous said...

oh my god. why did you bring the zebra into my life!

slommler said...

The face painter is amazing. And like you said, creepy at the same time.
The Corntoon cracked me up for sure!
Hugging you

M. Goerig said...

Right, James. There is nothing "self-indulgent or just plain silly" about what you're doing. Hilarious. Thanks for the double laughs this morning. I think your blog is my new favorite blog.

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

hahahaha "gruts" can't remember the last time someone used that word.

Anonymous said...

I love the corn joke. The guy that paints his face is strange, but unique. It probably takes a long time to paint it.

IT IS ALLY said...

liltoastfairy - me too! On hot days I become the popped corn. Almost exactly.

Holly - I know! Must be insanely time-consuming. The zebra is weird because it's smiling but his faze is frozen in a scowl

Sophie - I'm sorry! I had to share the horror!

SueAnn - I love love love the corntoon. Maybe I should paint my face one day this week?

M. Goerig - Thank you! But if you realise that my blog is not, in fact, your new favourite then that's OK too.

Kat - I know, right? Am bringing it back. Took me AGES to decide between 'gruts' and 'grundies.'

Connie - Yeah - I'd be interested to know how long, actually. Maybe I should give it a try.

Keely said...

Wow. That is...Art with a capital A, all right.