Thursday, May 05, 2011

Winter Hedgehogs*

*good band name

Hello everyone! It is very busy over here. I keep going out in the evening and the evening is Prime Blogging Time and that's why blogs have been scarce, like hedgehogs in the winter.

I so chilly!

New job is going really well - have only been there for four days but so far haven't done anything heinous, apart from the mildly embarrassing moment where I stood leaning on a desk and looking preoccupied for five minutes because my foot had gone to sleep in stiletto heels and I knew that if I started walking I'd fall over. Long may this nonfuckuppery continue.

Am not used to working all the time though so a bit tired and mental. As of next week, I start at 5.45 in the morning which, for those of you who have never been up at that time, is really quite early. I'll get used to it with the help of a lot of coffee and many afternoon naps and a lot of Project Runway on demand because man, I love that show, and please don't mention any spoilers in the comments even as a joke or by accident because it will ruin the entire season for me and I will be sad, like the winter hedgehog.

Did you hear that 5.45 is, like, really early?

Does anyone else get annoyed when you hear a piece of classical music, can't remember what it is, and can't Google it? "What goes ba da da DUMMMM ba da da DUMMM" does not get very many accurate results. Someone needs to make a website where you can sing a bit of classical music into the microphone and it comes back and tells you what it is.

Man, I am having an awesome week. BA DA DA DUMMMMM WINTER HEDGEHOG


chris.dadness said...

Oh, that's the Doctor Who theme. NEXT!

I hope this won't spoil Project Runway for you but one of them turns out to be a nun, and another one turns out to be just a bunch of clothes wrapped around a stick. I won't reveal names.

Deeleea said...

Ba da da Dummmmm is Beethoven's fifth... and guess what.. you CAN google it... though I'll wager it's about the ONLY classical song you could find that simply on google.

Nicole said...

I thnk there's an app for that...
No really. Maybe Soundhound?

Josh said...

They did!

You can play it on a keyboard and I think you might be able to sing through your computer mic as well

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

crap missed it this week, oh thank you "on demand tv"

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Nonfukuppery is officially my new favourite made-up-on-the-internet word. GENIUS!

Sarah-Rose said...

I use SHAZAM all the time. So handy. Plus I feel kind of giggly everytime I think "oo, must SHAZAM that song"

IT IS ALLY said...

Chris - Pfft. You have obviously not had ANY classical music training.

Deeleea - YES IT IS. Ten points to you.

Nicole - There are heaps! I'm delighted.

Josh - I prefer the tapping one because I can make 'tap that' jokes

Kat - It's kind of been around for long enough that you don't need the quote marks, you dinosaur.

Envirogirl - It's a great word! And I don't think there's a current grown-up word that means the same. Errorlessness? Nope, that's not it.

Sarah-Rose - Hahaha! Have never used that but will check it out because saying SHAZAM! and waving the closest thing I have to a wand is right up my alley. Wish I was male sometimes. SHAZAM! *willy wave*

Jo-Ann said...

Okay..That time of the morning is officialy referred to as "Stupid O'Clock"

You're welcome.

(and the captcha reads "plighos" which i can't take seriously...its like your porn post..."

Jo-Ann said...

I meant to say...its like a WORD from your porn post...I take your porn post very seriously...glad we cleared that up!

(and thank goodness your captcha has given me a serious responsible word like "entinor" - its practically JRR TOLKEIN!)