Monday, August 08, 2011

The Economy *

*is not very interesting

Hello everyone! I'm still fairly sick and have just come home from work for food and nap before returning to work to spend 5 hours doing half-hourly updates on the world markets as they react to the US credit-rating downgrade.

I know! It is exciting.

I'm a bit concerned about the Economy. Not the state of it, the fact that I have to write about it.

When presented with a statement about the economy ('GDP figures are up but the high Kiwi dollar continues to affect commodity prices') I treat it in the same way as I treat any statement I know I really should make the effort to understand but really can't be bothered understanding -

(other good examples of statements like this include 'fat is a feminist issue' and how to correctly calculate a percentage)

- by frowning briefly and going back to whatever I was thinking about before, usually something along the lines of "If hippos were hallucinogenic, would Africa be a global superpower?"

Yes. The little one alone would be worth a fortune on the black market.

So my understanding of the global economy is limited, and what I am going to write about the markets is really anyone's guess. See? Here is the state of the world's finances, if various global economies were adorable toddlers.




New Zealand
Globally speaking, NZ is quite possibly the kid who eats paste.

What? I was a music student.

Anyway, I'm not going to write about this, but it looks like they need Meatron.

"Did you mean Megatron?"
No, Google Images, I did not.

(For those of you who can't be bothered clicking the link, Meatron is a Transformer made entirely of meat and invented by me, who goes around fixing economic crises with his meat magic. Also, he is a friend of Monkey.)

That's what I'm doing! I hope you are doing something more exciting.


SueAnn said...

Now that you have totally scrambled my brain for the day...thank you very much...I have no idea what to say!!
But I do love the photographic illustrations of the global economy..makes so much sense now!!
Hugs and thanks

cerebral e said...

I love your use of the plural "crises".

IT IS ALLY said...

SueAnn - Something for everyone! Quite a bit of my job at the moment requires deciphering business analysts, all of whom are constantly going on about GDPs and SOEs and the NZX50. It is doing my head in.

cE - Thank you! It is a good word. I'm having a good day for plurals in fact, having just won a discussion about more than one hippopotamus.

Michelle said...

meatron looks a bit like lady gaga...

Andrea said...

I tend to glaze over when waiters recite the specials. I imagine it's much the same thing.

Phil said...

I predict a huge Meatron toy franchise for you. The world's first perishable action figure!! Meatron and Fishin'Ator (piscine superhero). See them battle wimpy Vegetron !!

word verif "hootypet"