Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back for Proper

Hello everyone! It has been a traumatic couple of weeks - not only did I fail to crack Oven Break (it is a game where you are a gingerbread man called Ginger Brave and have to escape from an oven by, inexplicably, collecting jellybeans), but the nice people in charge of the television annouced that they're switching Coronation Street's timeslot with Masterchef Australia - but I am now stumbling back into the sunlight.

I know! Coronation St at 5.30? It's unheard of!

There is good news though... after 5 months of working split shifts, starting at 6am and finishing about 10pm with a break in the middle (which creates two 'work-home-eat-sleep' cycles in one day, like some sort of weird bat) I'm finally doing normal hours!

I would recommend no-one ever does those mad hours because it robs you of your mojo (as it were) and your weekends (they are for sleeping) and also your ability to deal with people ('sir! sir, would you kindly rock out with your cock firmly encapsulated in your trousers?'). And you get sick and grumpy and tired and see and do everything through a filter of constant exhaustion.

The other day I cleaned the lint filter on the dryer, then found myself sitting on the floor stroking the soft ball of lint and saying slowly, "Liiiiiint is niiiiice".

But enough of that! New hours mean no more early starts and no more sleep madness.

It also means I'll have time to blog again! Like we did last summer.

Not right now though, because I have things to do. Packing-type things! I am moving House. I'm sure you can imagine, based on how well I pack for a five-day trip (hint: abominably poorly) how this is going. Also I think I have more things than suitcases.

Unrelatedly, here is a lovely piece of writing about Iceland - it's short, for those of you who are scared of long things (like snakes, and full-pressure garden hoses which you just let go of the end of by accident and are now thrashing about the lawn shooting water everywhere) and very good.


chris.dadness said...

Welcome back to your real vocation. Like some sort of normal bat.

Me and Leez said...

Oven break sounds almost as cool as pokemon. I played for six hours the night before my lit review was due, then couldn't figure out how to save it and lost my level 12 totodile (nickname "totally" so that I get the complete satisfaction of seeing "totally used scratch" "totally defeated enemy pidgey" "totally fainted") FOR EVER. It was the saddest moment of the week.

IT IS ALLY said...

Chris - Thank you! I'm not sure what sort of bat I would be. Maybe one of the little native New Zealand bats. They're quite nice. And very exclusive.

Me and Leeeeeez - I'm shocking for that - you know how you get all those demo games on a new computer, that run for an hour? Turns out that some, as long as you don't exit the game, run for six hours the night before an important work meeting.
Totally is a great name for a totodile. Or anything, really. TOTALLY defeated enemy pidgey! We had a pet pigeon once. We called him Pidgey WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING ABOUT POKEMON.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I cracked Oven Break,like two YEARS ago. Then you get to Oven Break INFINITY where you just go on and on faster and faster and onandonandfaster and fasterandfasterandfasterandfasterandfasterandfaster

You should try "Jet Pack Joyride"

Love, Your Westie Relations xx