Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mighty FNBA

Hello everyone! This is going to be a short post as my laptop charger is having some issues, the main one of which is that it's not charging anything, but I felt I had to let you know about the Five Nations Beef Alliance.

I thought the best Unnecessary Organisation of Foodstuffs was the New Zealand Egg Council, which sends delightful press releases with titles like "KIWIS REASSURED SIX EGGS PER WEEK IS OK" (I did not make that up and also, wow, that is a lot of eggs and also, I think they should have specified that in this scenario you eat the eggs) and have the happiest logo I have ever seen:
"Eggs!" - The Egg Council

But then I got a press release from the Five Nations Beef Alliance, which is exactly what it sounds like: 5 nations (NZ, Australia, Canada, America and Mexico) united in the pursuit of... beef.

The release was something to do with young farmers and ranches but I was too taken with the concept of a gang of meatcentric superheroes to read it properly.

Sausages! Mince! Ribs! Steak! Jerky! Our powers combined, I am...


I will use this photo at literally every faintly relevant opportunity.

I am thinking of writing to the Five Nations Beef Alliance and offering them the use of Meatron as a mascot, but it will have to wait because my laptop is about to run out of power.

Apologies for short post, I hope you are all well and happy and eating your six weekly eggs (if you are a New Zealander, that is: the Council refused to speculate on the egg consumption capacity of other nations. Know your egg limits).

May the marinade be with you!


IT IS ALLY said...

Also, imagine if they teamed up on a joint project. IMAGINE.

Also also, I wonder how many other foodstuff governing bodies there are?

(I'm commenting for batterial reasons, because it's quicker than editing the post.)

Holly said...

Holy crap! That IS a lot of eggs! That also is a pretty cute, happy logo! I think it is second only to the Love Your Organics/Rubbish/Recycling ones here in Christchurch, with the love hearts made up of pictures of things you're supposed to put in each bin. You know, these ones!

Andrea Eames said...


My word verification is wompol, which I think is just a great word.

Andrea Eames said...


Mo's superhero name is still up for debate.


(wv is now prowings)

chris.dadness said...

In related news, here in Hobart it is Prawn Week.

Phil said...

Five Nations Beef Alliance - sounds a bit like the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army song.
"Gonna build a Five Nations Beef Alliance, baby ...yeah"
Blang, blang-blang-blang, blang!!

Keely said...

6 per WEEK? That seems a bit paltry, actually. 6 per day might be overkill. Apparently Canadians have a more robust egg intake.

Sara interrupted said...

Hey! That's my guys, Young Farmers that is, who are the meatcentric fellows. That 5 Nations Beef thing was ages ago, where are you getting your press releases from? the floor?
We also have The Tri-lamb conference (Aust, USA and NZ) in Oamaru this week and, even more exciting than I love eggs six times a week, it's the World Young Shepherd Challenge - 11 countries, two days of competition, it's all on in Oamaru this week!