Wednesday, August 22, 2007


...and other things I admire in my fellow musicians. >_>

I am still sick, but feel a lot better about it. Am now just vomiting in a predictably routine manner. I shall spare you the details...actually, no, I won't. I was sick in the shower today! Like a shower within a shower, if you will. It was disgusting...and once again proved that no matter what you think you've eaten, there's always a bit of carrot in there somewhere. I was sure I hadn't eaten any carrot. I think I'll go back to wellington this weekend, not next...while I could stay here longer and have a bit more money, i now have enough money to hold me til i get a job in wellington. I am also sick of Nelson. I think I have become allergic to it.

I have no news! All I have is disgusting stories about Things I Threw Up Today. I promise to do something about this.

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