Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hideous Day Two

I am still sick. Veni, vidi, vomit.
Have started having weird flashbacks and I do not know why. Perhaps the madness has reached my BRAIN!
Perhaps not. Suspect is fever-related. Stayed in bed until three, sleeping fitfully (as they say in the best novels) and then got up for half an hour to set myself up with blanket and laptop in front of tv upstairs. Did not open laptop as fell asleep again and had to be woken up for coro st.

Nothing exciting has happened all day because all I have done is (see above.)

Am now trying to decide whether or not I need to be sick again. Think I may go back to bed soon. Think I may take another day off work tomorrow...but unsure about this as need money. Crappy money. Crappy crappy crap.

Stupid shitty sick bollocks. Have not got enough energy to be properly grumpy. Am going to bed in a resentful manner.

Oh, by the way, if you think that Cadbury Desserts lemon cheesecake chocolate tastes weird on the way down, try it coming back up! Still tastes quite a lot like lemon.

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