Friday, December 28, 2007

Well Adam told Eve,

now listen here to me, don't you let me catch you messin' round that apple tree...

Truly Elvis knew about the human condition! Maybe.

Things to Do Today:

- go to beach
- take photos
- go out for drink.

I like being on holiday. Although it ends this week and then I have to go back to eww work. "Do you want to buy a thing", I say, and they say "Not really, no." And then I go for the hard sell.
"But it's really nice," I say.

Things To Do When Get Back To Wellington

- Download ProTools (get broadband, find magical money from somewhere - turn to prostitution, perhaps?)
- record self, guitar, send to superproducers (Timbaland, etc.) after finding band (find band)
- become rich and famous.
- pay rent, phone bill. chase up flatmate for money for power bill, actually.
- quit job
- buy mansion in south of france
- fill mansion with many lovely things from nouveau riche version of Acquisitions, Stevens etc., including many vases for flowers from admirers, water in which will be changed by one of the maids (hire maids) who will of course be friends also as am not elitist (perhaps brazilian pool boy? perhaps half-spanish po- NO.)
- play at Royal Albert Hall with many already famous persons whose fame will be escalated by appearing with me
- retire to Nelson? no. perhaps will not retire as such but travel the world on book tour? COMBINED book and music tour. Perhaps that is a little ambitious. Will do tours separately?

Atmosphere around here is slightly Glum as older sister broke up with LOHL (loveofherlife) recently and is still fragile (read: smokes a lot). I am bored and antsy and keep wanting to Do Things but Not Actually Doing Anything, which makes me antsier (read: smokes a lot). Younger sister better but keeps going on about how much older sister and I smoke ("I don't want to go to your funeral when you're 40 and have died of lung cancer!" "Well, you don't have to come.") Not bad overall, though.

Watched episode of Criminal Minds last night where they were outsmarted by the killer. Thought this was a fairer representation of Life than the ones where they catch them every time, based on ridiculously lucky guesses (most of CSI: Miami follows this format ("but of course! the shoelace can be traced back to the factory, and of the ten million people who bought that brand of shoe, only one is already a suspect!"))

Was going to dye my hair white-blonde today but actually it might be too expensive. Shall ask older sister to check when she goes to hairdresser. Because I am too lazy to check for myself (well, she's going anyway, isn't she, there's no point in both of us going, etc etc). If I do dye my hair I promise to report on exactly how much more fun I am having, possibly with a flow-chart or a bar graph or something. Suggested at work the other day that something be presented in flow-chart style rather than as random list of questions, and was acclaimed as if had invented new piece of marketing-speak (see: "I really like this incentive plan, I think it's a great way of incenting people!" -my boss). I never knew how much excitement could be derived from a flowchart! Perhaps I should just quit my job and MAKE FLOWCHARTS FOR EVER.

I think Nelson makes me a bit mad. Perhaps it is rambling in my blog that does that, as I start off with nothing to say and continue saying it for some time. On that note, apparently sequins are in again - bought my sister a gold sequined top. Tried one on myself, but looked like garish sparkly barrel. Do not want to resemble barrel of any sort, let alone garish sparkly one. Suppose that there are worse things, though...will stay away from sequins in the future, except on shoes. I've bought (I realise I'm just rambling boringly on, here, but I'm bored) a ridiculous amount of shoes. Favourite pair are hot pink satin peep-toe heels, which were Christmas present to self (and also reward for buying gross bikini. Look like pasty barrel with bit of material tied round it. Grotty Bikini Barrel terrible band name.)

I think when I'm rich and famous I'll force my band to do a punk cover of Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town. I can hear it now. Can you hear it? Do you hear what I hear? Siiiigh.

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a cat of impossible colour said...

I think it's time you updated your blog :) In a side note, the collection of letters Blogger required me to type into the little box to prove I'm human is twticpgn.