Friday, February 29, 2008


I went to Cuba to pay the power bill and there was a man with no pants on but I paid it anyway.

also I saw a man wearing dirty white overalls with a white cape on him (it is windy and this looked quite dramatic), and I couldn't tell if he was a painter or a superhero which would, incidentally, make an interesting first sentence of a novel.

I am now out of long rambling sentences.

Work is much the same except now I am in a new 'pod'. Same shit, different pod? And there is a pool night tonight which I am deciding whether or not to go to, as below:


- I like pool
- I am sometimes quite good at pool
- I could make friends with people from all over the company, therefore giving me more randoms to email during the day and decreasing the amount of time I spend actually working


- Sometimes I am surprisingly bad at pool
- Neither of my 'security blanket' type workmates are coming, meaning I would run the risk of Awkward Social Moments
- I am liable to get drunk and do something embarrassing
- which will probably involve one of my workmates
- which should maybe be on the Pros list
- and that is why I should probably just go home and watch TV
- but that's boring
- (even though So You Think You Can Dance is on)

...and that's pretty much the way it's been going all day.

Somehow I have become distracted and am looking at photos of someone's hedgehog on Bebo. I don't even know this person, what am I doing? it's a pretty good hedgehog though. Back to work now.

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