Monday, March 03, 2008

Not An Exciting Day

I would now like to share a small anecdote which, I feel, sums up how today has gone so far:

It is 12.45. The office is apathetic. One of my podmates returns to the room, clutching a footlong Subway sandwich in his hand. Instantly, about 5 voices pipe up with variations on "What did you get?" with more enthusiasm than has been shown about anything all day. Then we crowd around and look at the sandwich and comment on how long it is and how he will NEVER eat it all. Then we watch as he proceeds to eat it all, and we comment on this.


In other news, band has started gearing up properly for Brisbane - this is great except for when I'm the only person from my section there and actually have to play things, which happened yesterday. Turns out it's quite hard to play and panic at the same time. for a while there I was making a noise like air escaping from a balloon ("eeeeee.....THURP") but luckily this was relatively shortlived. However there is now no band until wednesday, by which time I will have done ridiculous amounts of practice and become trumpet GOD. (practice will all be done on Tuesday because tonight my older sister is in town and we are going for a beer, but still. trumpet gods such as myself never need more than one night to learn a test piece).

How am I going to make my afternoon more exciting? the tragic thing is that nothing springs to mind. I shall just sit there and count down until five. Perhaps I should count down to everything! "5...4...3...2..1...going to the FAX MACHINE!" "5...4...3...2...1...going to STAPLE THIS PAPERWORK!" Or perhaps I should treat the afternoon as if it were an opera (albeit a very boring one) and constantly detail what I am doing in beautiful, dramatic song. "The copier, the copier, I'm going to the copier, it's only three STEPS AAAAA-WAAAAAAY!" Complete with gestures and countermelodies provided by coworkers, of course.

right, back to it.

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