Monday, February 25, 2008

New Pod!

That exclamation mark was a little unwarranted. I have now moved from my old pod, full of girls, to my NEW pod (capitals also unwarranted), full of boys.

I much prefer it, especially now that new-podmate, who always gave off strange Waves of Hate towards me, has done a complete about-face and is proving highly entertaining.

Haven't done much work, though.

In other news, have bought very nice shade of red nail polish (it is called 'Meeting the Mother-in-Law') and am wearing it. Feel it makes me more likely to succeed in all endeavours. Am also eating healthily as part of The Big Brisbane Diet, or BBD (not to be confused with the BBC, who is still txting and emailing heartily, thus ensuring a Situation lies ahead). The BBD has been going for a whole day and a half now! Objective is, of course, to look less like barrel with bit of string tied round when am wearing bikini. No visible results as yet. Will update as appropriate (forecast update: "BBD over as got drunk and had pie.")

Josh is telling me an amusing story about bananas.

I don't think I have any other news...see, this is what happens when I blog too much.

Except that I have a quartet gig (I said gig) this week, for the Freemasons. I would make some smartassed remark about being blindfolded throughout but then I would mysteriously disappear.

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