Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Terminalator

I have sold many terminals! I am well ahead of my silly colleagues! I am fabulously wealthy sales goddess!
Also, I am very good-looking.

The bit about the wealthy was a lie - found out last night that trip to australia (which is in a MONTH) is not going to cost $500 more, but $974 more! ...fuck. That is the kind of money which I do not have. If anyone has ever thought "wow, she is a great friend, I would like to reward her financially" or "oh yes, I owe her money, Sarah," or "gosh I would pay to sleep with her" well come on people, NOW'S THE TIME.

Am obviously a little worried about financial ruin. However my Mummy is coming to stay for a couple of days, which will be really nice.

Had drink with the BBC, who is nice and does not look like Paul McCartney, not even a little bit. We magically connected and are now going to go and live in the mountains and rear eftpos machines, and have small, very financially savvy children (financially savvy part will come from his side, but I will teach them all they need to know about herding terminals).

He is, however, still with girlfriend but flirting madly with self. My self, not his, although what he gets up to in his own time is none of my business.

Why does this so frequently occur (like, twice)? Why? Why? WHY??!!

It must be because I am so attractive and emotionally mature.

I must go home early and clean the house before my Mummy arrives - much as she loves me, she would not love the current state of my room, which is littered with beer bottles and empty fag packets and the like. I call it 'hobo-chic interior decor', but she calls it 'filthy mess.' We agree to disagree and also that I am a slattern.

Other news? hmmm. Not really. Except that now it is time to return to the fold! the fold of work. I think I have had too much coffee.

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