Friday, July 25, 2008

Tom Petty, Weather, and the Moon

All things which have featured in my evening so far, apart from the Moon.
Looked up Tom Petty on youtube as a) sister's boyfriend's band is, according to many people, Tom Petty-esque and this keeps being mentioned at Gigs - I have been going "mmm" in a thoughtful way and nodding, but felt like I could be caught out at any moment and b) was walking home with friend from work and conversation turned to Tom Petty (as it does - I could recount how conversation turned to TP but would be boring, which this rambling explanation certainly isn't), and I said blithely "...but I do not know who he is," thinking that perhaps many people were not familiar with Tom Petty, but it turns out that actually only barbarians and austrian cellar children have an excuse to not be familiar with aforesaid TP. So now have listened to him on youtube. Turns out I did know songs but did not know name of artist (was Tom Petty). What an anticlimax. What a crappy story. What a terrible blog entry.

The Weather is crap - the Police People are telling people to stay inside! What about people who smoke? The Power People are telling people to worry about power cuts. What about people who will need a shower? The Village People...

I am very much looking forward to the weekend - I am going to use The Storm as an excuse to stay inside. My weekend looks like this -
Friday night: Sit in front of heater, be on internet, watch TV, make soup, make tea.
Saturday: Sit in front of heater, watch DVDS, make soup, make tea.
Sunday: See 'Saturday' with addition of Band at the end of the day. Band is the fly in my ointment. My weekend is ointment. Oint, oint. Weird word. Flatmate Sister is away for the weekend so there is no-one to say things like "Have you moved since this morning?"

Am having DETOX (from alcohol and crappy food; am still smoking like small train as thought it would be unfair on workmates to quit everything at once) until next Friday. Next Friday is Big Work Party! That exclamation mark was completely unjustified. By next Friday I will also have become toned and trim, and my facechub will have melted away like winter snow in the face of the springtime sun that is my exercise regime and lack of eating crap! Wow, that sentence ran away with itself. I do not have poetic soul.

Am now going to make soup - have got packet of dehydrated soup mix (HEARTY soup mix, at that) and also real veges, and chicken stock, and all the other things you are meant to put into soup. Don't think will add noodles though, as they tend to go...gummy.

Why does soup take so bloody long?

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