Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Whinge

Apologies in advance. This will be litany of complaints for reasons which I will explain later (would explain now, but they are also all complaints so would defeat the purpose).

I sometimes think Tuesdays are worse than Mondays. Mondays you sort of expect to be awful, and because of that they usually turn out to be worse in theory than in practice. Tuesdays, though, are the exact opposite. You don't see a Tuesday coming! (Well, you do, but you don't expect it to be crap.) Also, it is the Tuesday before payday (yay, payday tomorrow) and so all disposable income has long since been disposed of, which never makes for an exciting day.

Today was also frustrating as workmates irritating. I mean, yes, workmates always irritating, but today more so than most days. However, I am more irritable than normal because at the moment I can't eat or sleep. I can't eat! Or sleep! I am SO HUNGRY AND TIRED. Anything bigger than a bit of toast or a biscuit makes me barf (ha ha, barf...is an inherently funny word) and I can't sleep until about 1am, and then I sit bolt upright and wide awake, ready to face the day, at about 5.30am. And I think I have inflamed rib cartilage again, because my ribs hurt, and I keep getting all emotional and easily upset because am so tired and hungry and in pain. Also, it's very windy here and I keep hearing things and freaking out slightly (is about 12.30) which is also very out of character. Do not like being in messy emotional state.

Am going to the doctor tomorrow. Hate going to the doctor as a) doctor always makes me feel guilty about hedonistic lifestyle and b) is expensive and not good value for money and c) I cry because doctor is nice and I am sick and d) symptoms always sound so much more pathetic when explaining them to doctor, so feel have to exaggerate, but then god knows what will get prescribed! But feel a trip to the doctor is necessary.

In other news, I am wearing sparkly purple nail polish. I don't have any news besides that, because my entire day was spent trying to focus on what I was doing. Bring on the doctor, I say! And if she lectures me, I shall look at her sternly and say, "Physician, heal thyself!" Even though it may not be a very relevant thing to say.

Then I will crawl under her desk and ask if she could heal me as well now please.


Anonymous said...

you sound pregnant! hungry, tired, feel like barfing...it all adds up...

IT IS ALLY said...

Anonymous comments piss me off.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Anonymous comments piss me off too. But you sounds really sick! (And not pregnant). Aw :(