Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sick Day

Sick days frustrate me. Half of me is going YAY NO WORK YAY but the other half of me feels disgusting and wants to sit on the couch all day, which seems to be the plan at the moment. I hate spoiling a perfectly good day off work by feeling like crawling back to bed.

This sick day is a bit out of the ordinary - usually when I'm sick I go to work all week as per usual, getting worse by the day, in some sort of weird wartime mentality. The inevitable result of this is that I get properly sick and have to spend the weekend (and usually some of the next week as well) in bed, feeling rotten. So Monday and Tuesday this week (it is Wednesday) I felt under the weather (colleague: "You look like shit! Go home!") and woke up this morning feeling functional but still shitty, so took day off.

The downside is that I am going to have HEAPS to do tomorrow. Just thinking about it makes me tiii-red. I guess it's probably better to do 2 days' worth of work in one day, feeling 100%, than 2 days' worth of work in 2 days, feeling 40%. I think. I feel a bit guilty about not going into work because it would've been physically possible for me to go but I really have to get over that! Work will not implode without me, and I am far too busy at the moment to get sick. Do you believe me? I believe me.

Gah! Every time I flick the TV onto the music channel something by Liam Finn is playing. Think TV is cursed. Also think Liam Finn is the musical equivalent of sponge cake. Generic and in no way groundbreaking, yet people are impressed out of all proportion. Also they both annoy me with their weird textures (harmonically speaking in the case of LF (but not in the case of SC)).

Perhaps I will cook something. At the moment my list of Achievements For The Day goes 'got up, made coffee, wrote blog, will possibly have shower later' and I feel like I should add to it because I am WASTING THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY.

EDIT: I can now add to my list of achievements 'dropped half a carrot behind the fridge.' Fuck. Think will just leave it there and hope it doesn't start to smell. It will be a nice surprise for the people who next live in this house, or perhaps we will rediscover it when we move out. It will be the kitchen equivalent of leaving a $5 note in your jeans, forgetting about it, and finding it next time you wear them. A little present to yourself! A little present made of mouldy carrot. Oh dear.

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