Friday, October 24, 2008

Bein' At Work

I am at work! Obviously I am on a break, because I would never be so (bored with my job) irresponsible as to be blogging instead of working. I am eating a banana (on Fridays we get free fruit – something to do with encouraging us to eat healthily, which is nice) and gearing myself up for morning tea, which is sure to feature saveloys – we seem to have them every morning tea. I’m pretty sure work morning teas are the only setting in which I’ve eaten saveloys since I was about five. Not that I’m complaining – I find saveloys to be the most delicious of the almost-meat food group. (Narrowly beating out Sizzlers and luncheon.)

Yesterday I was sick! I am putting my doctor’s children through college. I hope they are happy (and studious).

After going to the doctor’s (who adopts a kind of ‘oh-what-is-it-now’ face whenever I walk into her office) and being disgruntled by stupidly large bill, I went home, fell asleep in front of Oprah, and woke up an hour later in a HUGE panic because for some reason I thought it was Friday morning and that I was late for work. Very depressing, but huge relief when I realised it wasn’t.
Man I am halfway through this banana and I am sick of it already. I am lucky it is not ENORMOUS BANANA of legend.

In other news, what was I thinking with the merzombies? Was I on crack? I am going to write a nice quiet novel about plants. GIANT SENTIENT ATTACK PLANTS! No. Seriously, though, as taken as I am with the image of an enormous, undead mer-army marching silently out of the sea and advancing on Washington (or perhaps a city that is actually by the sea – thank you, Google Maps) it isn’t a particularly great idea. I wonder how I could work merzombies into novel? Don’t think there is a way that doesn’t involve writing a huge fantasy epic. Unsure if huge fantasy epics are really my oeuvre. Will think about this.

Went out for dinner last night to a Creole & etc. restaurant with Sister Flatmate and her boyfriend/partner/thing, which was nice. I haven’t been out for dinner in ages and got a bit over-excited – kept saying, “Ooh, this is nice! This was such a nice idea!” until they were both completely annoyed and probably wished they’d never suggested it in the first place.

Then I went home and fell asleep on the couch. What an exciting life I do lead!

Right, my (boss is coming) break is over, so I had better get back to work.

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