Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ask Ally

Ok so the lovely Holly (see link in sidebar as I can't be arsed working out how to put links in main body, sorry) did a, um, blog thing called 'Ask Holly,' where her readers left questions for her in the comments, and then she answered them in her next post. Watch as I now attempt to do the same thing!

Post me a question. Go on, anything. I promise I'll answer it.* Feel free to ask anonymously if you like - this is now doubling as a delurking post. Yes, you, you lurker! I see you lurch backwards in alarm at discarding your convenient cloak of anonymity - I've been there. We've all been there. Sometimes we even close the window. But tell me - I give you the very workings of my mind, the lustrous thoughts of my deepest brain innards! I give you my ART, and how often do I ask for something in return? BLOODY NEVER.

(I feel like a bad busker asking for money at the end of his show, except asking for posts, not money. Although if you'd like to give me some money that would also be nice.)

But anyway, hey you, with your reading and not-commenting! Get commenting. Go on, ask a question or something.

(No-one's going to do it now, are they.)

Special Note for Andrea: if it is this time tomorrow and there are NO QUESTIONS, (or even fewer than four), please leave several under different aliases, so I don't feel like a hideous failure. The rest of you - did you not read the 'Special Note for Andrea' part? Now I feel as if my tender pink underbelly is exposed. Metaphorically speaking.

*unless it's something I don't know the answer to, or don't feel like answering.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I'm not sure if I can leave questions under aliases without opening many blogger accounts. But here's a question:


Whoops, no, done that already. Okay then:


(All caps = weighty)

sleep500 said...

How do you deal with the shame of washing your hair in the shower and then forgetting to remove the strands of hair from the plug-hole before another person uses the shower?

Holly said...

- If you were to dye your hair any colour, what colour would you dye it and why?
- What's the silliest thing you have ever done?
- PC or Mac?
- Milk, white or dark chocolate?

Jennifer said...

Inspired by the fact that I am "now running on reserve battery power," how would you spend your last 10 minutes on the internet? As in, you have 10 minutes before the internet goes offline forever.

Would you rather... not be anatomically correct (think barbie and ken) or have no face?

Would you rather... have 3 tiny eyes or have one massive eye?

(Yes, I stole them from elsewhere.)

Baglady said...

What would you eat for your last meal ever (be that before the electric chair, known nuclear meltdown, euthanasia or other cheerful end of life scenario)?

3 courses only, no cheating!

Anonymous said...

Favorite drink?

- Anon

queenofthecastle said...

Because I am a namenerd, I have to ask this:
What would you name a daughter? A son?

What colour do you think your aura would be?

How do you feel about polka dots?

Hodgins' beard: yucky or kinda cute?

a cat of impossible colour said...

Okay, I have some more, of the cliched 'Desert Island' type! As in, which of the following would you take on a desert island (or an island made of dessert):



Foodstuff (assuming it was magical and you could live on it forever)?

Article of clothing?

Also, would you save your family or some possession if there was a house-fire, bearing in mind that your possessions probably don't have legs while your family probably do?

Ooh, and what's your clothing wishlist for winter?

Okay, done now.

i am anonymous! said...

i am slightly disturbed by some of these questions, so i shall simply delurk. probably never to be heard from again.

Joshy said...

What is the worst possible crime that you could commit only armed with one cubic metre of Jelly?

queenofthecastle said...

I have one more (rather important) question: What IS an underbelly?
I can sort of understand using the word in relation to animals whose bellies actually are on the underside of their bodies. But even then, why the need to specify the 'under' part? Is there anything that actually has an 'overbelly'?
And what's with using it on humans? Our bellies are not under anything, except our chest. Is it a reference to our belly which is 'hidden' under our boobs? Even then that only applies to half the population. HALP! MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING!