Sunday, March 08, 2009


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So last night I had another weird dream. It has been a week of weird dreams. It was about as weird as the octopus dream - as with the octopus dream, the apocalypse features; however in this dream I don't give birth to anything, just get condemned to death. And they say other people's dreams are boring! (Hey, no-one's making you read this. On which note, there will be a test tomorrow. You think I'm kidding, don't you.)

So when this all started I was in Taiwan with a tour group. It was definitely Taiwan, because someone in a beret tried to tell me I was in Thailand, and a large argument ensued. We (the tour group) were all sitting on the grass outside a temple, and me and the elephant (the only elephant in the tour group, by the way) were drinking cheap vodka. Unfortunately, neither myself or the elephant were aware than in Taiwan drinking cheap vodka is Treason and will get you sentenced to death! So the elephant and I went to trial and were condemned to be shot by a firing squad next seemed there was nothing I could do to avoid my death!

But luckily it was OK because everyone in the tour group had just been paid, and so the elephant and I, hiding out in an orchard by day, were soon well on the way to stealing enough money to flee the country. Unfortunately, we then found a secret stash of alcohol, and the elephant ran away with the alcohol & the money...leaving me to face the authorities, and my death!

But luckily it was OK because right then the world flooded. I ended up on top of an ocean liner, standing at the front in a very Leo-in-Titanic way, shouting with glee as around me people tumbled over the side to their deaths. (Apparently I was having far too much fun for the end of the world to affect me.) The water rose up over all the buildings, all the cities - I remember looking over the side and seeing skyscrapers far under the water. It was awesome. The sky was covered with huge heavy grey & black clouds & lightening, and from time to time the heavens would open and a huge quantity of water would gush down and hit the oceans, which were a turbulence of waves & whirlpools. I saw a particularly huge gush of water crashing down near the liner and, in a flash of brilliance, threw myself from the liner onto a tiny, bright orange rubber dinghy. The liner went down! I survived! I was tossed about on the sea and eventually went over a HUGE the edge of the world, to my death!

But luckily it was OK because at the bottom of the waterfall was San Francisco, which had been spared from the Flood. (Don't ask me why.) So I entered San Francisco and joined a pack of vampire tiger-human mutants, and we snacked upon a Muslim community on the top of a hill.

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