Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kate Rocks

"Watch as this brave avocado orchardist..." Obviously, I am watching Top Town. It is a show where provincial NZ towns compete in bizarre competitions of strength and/or skill to be crowned...Top Town! It seems to involve a lot of bad puns & people from Timaru falling over.

Farmers ad has just come on...'Farmers...your store.' Whatever! If it was really my store, I would own it, and then I would not have to go to work tomorrow. Work is so awful and etc.

Yesterday was a good day! Started with clothes swap party - as well as several stunning pairs of shoes and items of clothing I managed to snag myself a simply fantastic handbag, apparently designed by an over-excited 6-year-old. The material is leopard print. Glittery, gold leopard print. The clasp is a tasteful gold imitation snakeskin - several different types of snakeskin, in fact - and the front of the bag is covered in chains. Elton John would probably look at it and go, "ooh, don't you think that's a little...too?" but I think it's simply tacktastic.

Apart from that no news - am tired, grouchy, have work tomorrow & haven't plucked eyebrows.

Kate just came into the living room and delivered the following monologue: "I've got my shizzle on my nizzle! Wait, I've got my shit on my...? Ooh." Pauses, then begins to sing. "I've got my shizzle on my nizzle and I'm going to town...I got my sizzle on my bizzle and I"m going to the circus...found a bizzle on the sidewalk and I'm going to my wizzle on my tizzle and I'm going to the circus. Woah, oh, shizzle nizzle circus. Woah, oh, bizzle bizzle town. We're going to town. To see some lions." Pauses, stops singing. "Wait. Are you writing that out? To put on your blog? For all the world to see? Never mind, the world can have it. It's just that good."

I have the most awesome sister EVER.

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