Monday, March 02, 2009

Not shown: The Sex Pistols

Jenny, Holly and I spent quiz night tonight drawing pictograms (maybe) of some of our favourite (maybe) bands. (We came last equal in the quiz, but that is unrelated.) Here are four of the best. If you appreciate them - and only if you appreciate them - you might be lucky enough to get four more tomorrow. Haha. You totally know I'm going to post them anyway. Suckers. I really don't know why you keep reading this.

Can you guess them all? The one with the doors (ha ha, no, not The Doors the doors, funny guy, you'll see it when you scroll down... you impatient fucker (might as well swear, this post is beyond saving (you'll see why (it has to do with Willie Nelson)))) is actually two bands. First person to get them all wins a Prize.

1.Haha. I don't know why that one works, but it does. And no, they're not you marvelling at my mad Paint skillz and wondering how ever do I manage to do it. Because there's not even a band called that.

Where are they? What are they doing? Oh yeah, consider that shark jumped. (Is it obvious that I don't really know when it's appropriate to say 'jump the shark?') Thanks to Jenny for the original concept! The Paint skillz are all my own.

Hint: Not Penis Admiral.


Ahh double doors do you get it do you get it!? Two bands. Two doors. Get both bands to win. Thanks again to Jenny, for her conceptual concept...

5.Geek meets emo meets kind of cute, really. Just quietly, this one's my favourite.


queenofthecastle said...

Question: why were you drawing pictograms? Was it one of the quiz categories? *is sad I missed it*

OK #1.... Quote and the wonderers? Lol. Nope, not getting that one just now. Three of them appear to be impersonating Daleks with their one-armedness. I just can't get the punctuation marks out of my head. Erm...No Doubt? Coz the other three are all questioning that one dude and the dude is all "" and emphatic. OK yeah I think I stopped making sense five sentences ago.

#2. Panic! at the Disco?

#3. Willie Nelson. :-P

#4. Um....Is one of them Girls Aloud? And the other one Boyzone?

#5. OK I know that if you put CO2 in water you get carbonated water. But I can't think of any bands/artists that have titles with Soda/Coke/Pepsi/Sprite/L&P/Fanta etc in them. Hmm, how about H2CO3? Carbonic Acid...does not seem like a likely band name. I give up! No! No! I don't! It's My Chemical Romance!

a cat of impossible colour said...

1) Erm ... The Who? I don't know.

2) Panic at the Disco!

3) Willie Nelson. Obviously. AND that's actually what he looks like.

4) Er ... is there a band called Boys and Girls? Or possibly Boyz and Girlz? I don't know. I'm not cool enough.

5) My Chemical Romance! YOUR FAVOURITE, you weirdo.

Hey, can I email you incessantly at New Work? Or is that frowned upon?

Jennifer said...

I applaud your Paint skillz. :-) I spent a ridiculous amount of time today thinking up more. Chuck Berry. Hehe.

Brooke: It was when we got to categories like Sport and lost interest lol.

Holly said...

Bwahaha this is the greatest post ever! Nice Paint skillz btw, I FAIL at Paint just as badly as I FAIL at thinking of bands to pictogramify to begin with!

I am rather sad that you used a Googled Admiral instead of a drawn one though. :( And why the heck is the willy purple!? Oh wait...don't tell me...coz it's funnier that way, right? :P

Brooke: No, #1 is nothing to do with Daleks. It's the Who! Don't worry, I didn't guess it either.
LMAO at your My Chemical Romance train of thought! Awesome.

Jenny: Bwaha! I'm glad I'm not the only person who spent most of today thinking up other ones to draw! Too bad we've moved on to TV shows next week, I can think of a couple of bands now! *is one step behind* ROFL! Chuck Berry would have been awesome.

IT IS ALLY said...

Brooke: No Doubt is almost better than The Who.

Jenny: Hahaha Chuck Berry. would you have gone with 'throw,' or 'vomit?' I totally would've gone with 'vomit.'

Andrea: I replied to you over email already, but didn't want you to feel neglected.

Brooke: I wanted to make sure the admiral was definitely Nelson. The penis (willie) is purple 'cause there it was the closest colour to penis-coloured (not that I'd know, I've never seen one) Paint had and I cba customising it.