Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good Stuff Andrea

This post is mainly a shout-out (bleh, like who actually says that) to my Bestfriend Andrea! She is generally Orsum because not only is she very stylish and funny and, most importantly, willing to put up with a ludicrous amount of my drivel, but she is also Intelligent! However none of these qualities are really the point of this particular post. What is the point? READ ON AND FIND OUT.

Many of you will already know Andrea, but if you don't, you can always go and look at her nice blog. As Telstra Clear say, Now's Good. (But only once you've finished reading the rest of my post, ok? So, like, now +3.) As well as being my Bestfriend Andrea is a writer (an actual proper one, not one of those people who constantly talk about their Unfinished Novel but never seem any further towards Actually Finishing It (i.e. me)). She is one of those people who, when you ask them what they did with their day, will modestly say, "Oh, I sent off two partials to agents who requested them, then edited a chapter and removed two characters from the prologue." This is remarkable! Especially because my answer to that question is usually something like "I finished the crossword in like five minutes," and then I'll expect you to be excited.

Anyway, today Andrea got a review from a reader (an agent's reader: they read the manuscripts before the agent does, to decide whether or not the agent would be interested) and it was simply freakin' glowing. (The reader sent the email in exactly that font to show how impressed they were.) Andrea is currently revising the book to make it better, and the reader has only read the unrevised one, so imagine how awesome the new version will be! Agents worldwide will simply vomit everywhere from excitement.

Anyway, it's really good news, and I thought it deserved blogging because I be's proud of her. She works really hard & deserves much praise! May she be carried to literary fame on a sweeping wave of agent vomit.

In other news, we (A & I) are going to make CSI: Invercargill. Tim Shadbolt will be, as Andrea put it, 'the Horatio Caine of the South.' Gerry Brownlee will be the fat cop no-one ever listens to because he is always wrong. For some reason GB really irritates me. The thought process is like this. 'GB is a politician - politician salaries are paid by my taxes* - GB is enormously fat - GB is eating my money - stop eating my money you fat bastard.'

Overheard at the pub: "It's only 7 inches, but you can see it perfectly with a good set of binoculars."

*I think


Anonymous said...

Yay Andrea! I offer my congratulations via Ally's blog.

It's funny, coz when I read your bits about writing, I get the same feeling about my own writing that you seem to get about your writing in comparison to Andrea's writing lol. I am the krill in the ocean of writers. I don't even like the N word lol, unfinished or otherwise. I have a meeting with my writers' group this evening and I am taking not my literary endeavours but a batch of muffins (good muffins, but muffins nonetheless).
Also, LOL @ CSI: Invercargill. Gerry Brownlee might have got a bit lost?

IT IS ALLY said...

Andrea, who I am talking to on Gmail chat, says 'yay!'

I also say yay, a fellow krill! Andrea, please do not eat us. (You are whale. Metaphorical whale.)

Muffins are easily as good as literature! Writer's group sounds fun, and also an incentive to write (because otherwise they will ask what you did this week and you have to cough and hastily offer everyone a muffin.)

GB has been banished to Invers for eating too much.

Baglady said...

Muffins are good :)

Yay for Andrea! So when can I buy a copy?

walotah - the noise a redneck makes when he slaps his best friend on the back instead of giving him a hug, because if he hugged him (like he wants to) he would get called "gay" by his redneck friends. Really he his gay but he will deny this all his life and die unhappy and unfulfilled.

Holly said...

Yay for Andrea, even though I already congratulated her on her own blog! :D

LOL at Gerry Brownlee being banished to Invercargill for eating too much! I wonder if Brooke's Literary Muffins had anything to do with that.

Anonymous said...

No, I got them all before Gerry had a look-in.