Sunday, April 19, 2009

Holiday Snaps

Some photos from my holiday in Nelson.

Here is the obligatory nice view:

Isn't it nice.

Here I am, admiring the nice view and reading the paper. What a sexy hat I have!

I am totally chillaxing right now.

Did not know that photo was being taken or would have removed hat.

Here is what the nice view would look like if it was ON MARS:

it's easy you just select 'invert colours' and everything looks like you're on Mars

And finally, here is a nice view of the exact moment a carefully aimed snowball hit me right between the buttocks.


Holly said...

LOL! Awesome! I am very sad that there is a not a photo of you getting hit on the bum by a snowball, while standing on Mars. That would be the funniest thing ever.

Holly said...

How is the Sick? Hope you're feeling better. :)

IT IS ALLY said...

The Sick has left me! It came out through my mouth and is now somewhere in the public waste system. Sorry, that was a bit gross.

But I am feeling better, thank you!